Questions for GrangerHub operator(s)

Wanted to ask about the game server,

  1. Who is doing the development for your tremded/qvm(s)?

  2. How do you achieve 1.1 and 1.2 compatibilty?

  3. Where can i find this code if I wanted to run my own?

  4. Are you paying for dedicated hosting?

  5. System specs?


  1. GrangerHub Tremulous developers

  2. Multi-protocol server, coded by /dev/humancontroller

  3. When GrangerHub releases new Tremulous packages, the source code will be published and you can use our builds or roll your own.

  4. Yes, but ultimately donations should be encouraged so people can help ensure the longevity of the servers.

  5. Are you asking what GH uses or what system specs you will need?

1 and 2: I’m only actually interested in the multi-protocol server.

Would be great if I could get these changes from github (or something).

3: Unless you’ve got inside jokes and are doing that tonight/tomorrow; not going to hold my breath.

4 and 5: I am interested in system load for running a server of your size. E.g., when 30 people are playing what is memory/cpu utilization? Also bandwith utilization.

Please no discussion of how you pay for it; not interested. Only looking for technical details.

1-3, Source code release and new client binaries will happen S00N™. Hint: on a Thursday.

4 & 5, it’s pretty much the same as it’s always been for Tremulous / Quake 3. Any server from 1999 or later and upload of .5 Mb or more should be able to run it fine with 16+ players.

Ok, was hoping you’d say something like that. I’ll keep an eye out for the release.

So, I shouldnot be worried much about monthly bandwith exceeding on my bills.


BTW, when is tremded etc. release going to happen?

My interest is standing up an HvH deathmatch server + Map being made by YourFace. I’ve been preoccupied in backporting ioquake3 upstream fixes etc. but would still like to have gpp + 1.1 compatibility.