Radical approach to reducing camping

S1 150 credit super teleport grenade that has only a 0.01% chance of working, but when a it works, it should start teleporting in hundreds of smaller grenades and completely obliterate the alien base. This way humans will go out to try their luck with the super grenade.

what does this have to do with reducing camping?

Then let’s make a slot machine building! You can get tokens that let you play slot machines by destroying alien structures. The slot machines should usually give you only a few hundred extra credits, but there should be a very small chance of getting severely overpowered weapons and items (like a 200 damage mass driver). This way, humans will come out and try to kill alien structures to try out their luck with slot machines.

Humans will come out to try their luck.

no, they won’t.

They will! Slot machines are addictive, and once they run out of their gambling tokens, they’ll surely go out to earn more!

Or take a second mortgage on their hovel.