Ranks of Quake 3 based servers on GameTracker

I was checking the quake3 based server ranks list on gametracker today ('cuz I was curious) http://www.gametracker.com/search/q3/ , and it is possible that GrangerPub’s rank might increase from 4 to 3 soon. Not due to the activity increasing much recently (the current activity is stable) , but because one of the servers above us (in fact it was ranked at 1 before and now it is currently down to 3) had its activity almost flatlined starting about 12 days ago.

This is the link to that server: http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ .

Does anyone know which game that server is played on, and/or why it suddenly lost so much activity?

That’s DBZ bid for power, I don’t believe the development to be very professional.

For the activity to go from #1 to nobody at all joining I am guessing there was an issue with it being visible on the master list or people being able to connect.

What does DBZ stand for?

For 12 days? btw, according to GameTracker, durring those 12 days a few people would connect occasionally.

Do you have a link to their website?

DBZ Stands for Dragonball Z. It’s a really popular action anime/cartoon that has spawned many fan based and official games.

Here’s the website to the game project, I don’t believe that particular server had a community site.