[Release] 1v1 Shotty/Goon duel map (&& scrim tiebreaker map)

Just a (quick) response to @Hero’s will to have 1on1 tiebreakers in scrims. Nothing exciting (except that bird will run it above 60fps easily).

IG map name: shotgoon

This map is built with the intention of balancing out shotgun vs goon duels and making it as fair as possible to both sides.

Both teams start with S2 (lowered S2 threshold to -1)
Spawns each player in the same room with a glass wall in the middle.
There’s a button unlocking the other player’s teleporter to make sure both sides TP at the same time. They will spawn on two exact opposite sections of a mirrored arena.

If you can’t devmap, the human spawn room has 3 eggs to give them enough credits for a shotgun/helmet, and the alien spawn room has 3 nodes to get a goon (spawn as adv. granger!)

The use of devmap if possible is still greatly recommended.


  • The arena

  • Human spawn room

  • Alien spawn room


If you had an old version on your server, delete it when updating.
If you plan to test in singleplayer, make sure you only have 1 version of the map and use \devmap or you won’t be able to go past spawn rooms.

[color=lime]Latest version[/color]
Revision 5

[color=FF0000]Old versions[/color]
Revision 4
Revision 3
Revision 2

r1 is obsolete and not even worth downloading so there will never be a link to it.


Older revisions

[quote=Rev. 4]Added platforms in the arena
Added lights in spawn rooms
Fixed team cameras (not really important, but still)
Forgot to change levelshot, gg autism[/quote]

[quote=Rev. 3]Spawn rooms are bigger to allow aliens evolving without needing to take nodes out.
Button unlocks TP forever so you can re-use the map for multiple 1on1s in devmap (10s in R2)
Forgot lights though so the spawns are dark as shit[/quote]

[quote=Rev. 2]Sky is higher to allow pouncing over pillars.
Added nodes alien-side so you can get a goon without devmap.[/quote]

Feel free to suggest any change or report any bugs. I can change the arena to pretty much anything you would like to see.
This can also be turned into a teamfight map if need be.

We need more pillars.


Pretty awesome! But what if an alien spawned through an egg in the human spawn room? And vice versa.

The first spawn will always be on the right side. If you have multiple players, well…

Just updated it and it should be ready for club. Might change a few textures still.

Version 4 is now available to play on the GrangerClub and test7341 servers.

For some reason on test7341, you don’t start out with s2 when the regular match starts (you start with s1), although that might be because of how warmup works. However, in warmup mode that really isn’t a problem as you get s3 stuff. Additionally, in warmup you get unlimited credits/evos, so you don’t really need to kill the spawns.

The cvars the map uses to achieve instant S2 are the following:

g_humanStage2Threshold -1
g_alienStage2Threshold -1

If the way you evolve through stages was changed, it’s likely to be the cause.

Also… the cvars are in the worldspawn so they were compiled, if you need to know that. The stage/build points cvars are the only ones that can be changed apparently. (tried the regular stage ones and they didn’t work.)

R5 released.

Question, did you add no-build zones? We were trying this map out at the dev games last night, and actually warmup was working out pretty good in terms of unlimited credits and stage 3 stuff, however, it got pretty insane when builders started spamming stuff :slight_smile: .

Good point. Will keep this in mind for next update.

Otherwise, it shouldn’t be much of a problem since this is a map aimed at dragoon/shotty practice and scrims warmup/tie breaking.

If the scrim people are interested in a teamfight version, I can adjust the spawn system really easily. Let me know.

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