[Release/Dev] Sharp (A1)

Small/Medium sized map, very straightforward, large halls, suitable for games from 2 to more than 20 players.

→ Screenshots:

Click. Ignore the artifacts/shit disappearing, they are caused by the craptop, not the map.

Alien base:

Human base:

Some halls, which are plain because they are planned for rework/fill up:

Side entrance of human base:

Hall linking the two “main” areas of the map:

Middle hall (spinning power grangers):

→ Changelog:

[details=Old changelogs][quote=Dev #2]
• Power grangers update §§§§§§§§§
• There is now a third hall linking both top and middle hall, with a room at its center.
• More placeholder shit in bases that makes it better to play.
• Middle hall is a lot less anxiogenic for aliens, normally.
• Minor clipping.


Stuff already done will be written in [color=lime]green[/color].

• Visual overhaul.
• [color=lime]Alien base: Major rebalancing inc. Fixed the ‘bumps’ issue in alien base. Fixed solid window borders. More filled, more places to hide stuff. There is a wall covering most of the ledge now to get rid of rangespam. Also, something linked with the windows over the doors. /spoil[/color]
• [color=lime]Human base: Box shelves tweak. (Prob. less boxes), gap where goons escape too easily (between grate & wall): changing to pillars seems the better balanced option for both teams. Desala suggested making the view behind H def better, and I did it.[/color]
• Middle hall: Needs to look better and be rebalanced.
• Finish other halls, and 3 doors+stairs room.
• [color=lime]Nonsolid lights.[/color]
• Ambient sounds. (Fans, spinning grangers.)
• Hint brushing & [color=lime]clipping shenanigans.[/color]
• [color=lime]Clipping: More specifically, all pipes in human base.[/color]
• Doorframes. […]
• [color=lime]Fix colour in location names[/color]
• [color=lime]Cleanup dirty stuff.[/color]
• [color=lime]Window room above alien default.[/color]
• Equivalent of window room for humans, slightly further away from their default than alien’s.
• Neutral ground potential base move location.
• Extension of vents system.

→ Downloads:

[color=FF6600]• Alpha R2[/color]: SOON
[color=00FF00]• Alpha R1[/color]: Download

Old versions

[color=FF0000]• Dev build #2[/color]: Download
[color=FF0000]• Dev build #1[/color]: Download

Special thanks: Menace for being a nignog and taking time to test the map and pointing out most if not all of the issues.

Feel free to report bugs, and give suggestions and feedback. Constructive criticism is always appreciated.


Sharp deve build #1 is now available for playing on the GrangerPub server, the GrangerClub server, and the test7341 server.

Awaiting in-game screenshots, too lazy to download and test.

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Try it on any of the servers then :wink: .

Dev build #2 released. Changelog in OP.


Alpha 1 released. Link, changelog & planned stuff in OP as usual.

The map is now completely playable. There’s a bit of a mess with all the crates in the map, but they r for ur own good. This is still under “gameplay evaluation”.

I released it in promised time but, hesitated with filling the halls and other places up if I’m unsure how it will play out, and also had to fix a bunch of stuff that Menace pointed out for me. As a result, parts of the map are still really plain/empty.

Please report any lag/bad or lack of clipping/bug you encounter, and feel free to suggest any gameplay improvement.

Jump in my van, this release comes with screenshots.



Sharp version Alpha R! is now available to play on the GrangerPub server, the GrangerClub server, and the test7341 server.

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Nice map there Mae :slight_smile: Good job.

I’ll certainly play that map on the servers :wink:

My thoughts after tonight’s gameplay:



Goons are very strong if you keep pounce momentum and do circuits around both routes of the map. Dretches can be powerful on S1 if you play mind games in the vent or hide behind subtle creases in the walls. Tyrants can be a good floater class but will get caught out in some of the longer hallways if alone. Stay on the bottom side of the map near the spinning grangers and a good tyrant will be able to whore.


Default is the only viable base for aliens. Being so exposed it doesn’t hold up against a strong human push especially if the humans have a stage advantage. Any alien base on sharp is too weak to withstand unless you have strong defensive synergy (but it’s hard to find good teamwork in pubs anymore lol).


Strengths: Great base building options. Default is a great place off the bat so long as you move to the small cubby underneath the original base layout. If humans reach stage 2 they can have a lock down defense with jetpacks in the air to cover the top of their base from floating adv goons or recovering rants.
With a sizable push humans can own the bottom side of the map and potentially set up a forward in the granger room.

Weaknesses: Can be forced to turtle if humans don’t have the skill or manpower to grind stages. Quality goons can run all over S1 humans by utilizing both the top and bottom routes of the map. Humans are forced to buddy up because it is easy to come nose to nose with a goon or rant if you roam around carelessly.


  • Add more boxes/crates/walls into a def
  • Lower the shelfing complex on h default floor, it blocks too much airway – Goons can hide behind the shelfing complex and when weak from humans on ground can pounce up and easily escape def through the top route(s) of the map.
  • Add one more vent system making it easier for dretches to roam around and find evos. As it stands dretches are weak to the higher stages and can easily be evo starved by being forced to use the long halls of the maps that have little to no creases to hide in.

Hopefully my suggestions don’t stack the alien race too much but I think this map has a lot of potential and as a fresh medium sized map with a good fps rate for lower quality comps it can be a very good scrim map.


Thanks. Noting everything in my pokedex for next release. Alien base is really badly human biased for the moment so that’s a given. Will see how I feel about adding another vent once I’ll have filled up the map pretty nicely. I’m gonna change the middle room (with the spinning grangers) and likely replace the pillars by something better.

TL;DR: Next update boosts aliens and nerfs goons a little in H base. Better alien default and building options. Also, humans’ default (without moving) provides one of the strongest anti-hops in all tremulous maps. (currently)

I’d suggest keeping a save file of the map as is currently in case some of your changes/additions skew the gameplay too much.

I always do that just in case nigradiant wipes my /maps/ folder like it already did once. Normally it shouldn’t be necessary.

Just went 66 - 9

1kill / 8.2 seconds
H is too Gud @MaeJong

Noted. Currently heavily working on alien base, although it seems the halls play a major role in that, maybe more than alien default itself.

I’m going to focus on updating this for a few days, s00n™. It’s already been way longer than I hoped to get beta out. Been lazy (but hey, it’s good to take breaks from mapping so your brain doesn’t end up catching fire) and caught with other stuff.


interesting new base someone built. it held against rushes after i adjusted where the rets were and won us the game.

(early base pictures)

btw looking forward to the update :smiley:

Picked up development again. Currently fixing a few issues that popped up from transferring to my desktop (ie lighting), enhanced alien default and added a window room above it, planning to add 2 more rooms, one near humans, and one in a neutral area; if all goes well, should get updated soon™²²².


Looking forward to it man.

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