Remember KoR's BattleGranger?


Trapper spit is OP though. Maybe make it a short duration. It could fade into the regular slow too.

I’d attempt to become the best Battlegranger in grangerhub.

BG can only build an egg, booster, hovel and overmind though on korx.
But as Mae said, trapper spit was indeed overpowering. I’d rather have impregnating spits as it encourages humans to not camp and “chase that damn granger out of the base” whereas trapper spit grangers forced humans to stay stuck inside (if they could hit them) while the advance rants bomb their base.

100% Slow that lasts for 5 secs, fading off 20% per sec?

I don’t think it worked that way, IIRC the “trapper” spit was absolute trapper-locked for 2 or 3 seconds or so, and battlesuits don’t get view-locked as normal basilisks grabbing battlesuits.
It doesn’t fade, as with ordinary tremulous (5 seconds 50% speed, no fade and hence gives players like me with high latency a very annoying client-warp at the start and finish of the period)

Normal grangers could also trapper-lock humans however it takes consecutive hits to lock them, and more armoured (battlesuit as opposed to naked for example) requires more consecutive hits.
Consecutive hits implying being hit after already slowed, not really hit after hit.

Pulse secondary fire has a similar effect as normal granger spit but to humans and its locking effect depends on class. I think you may need to fire twice at a dretch to lock them and it doesn’t lock tyrants.

It’s been a while since i’ve played it, perhaps we could host an unlagged korx server? Iirc there was a bug with the KoRx unlagged where some guns didn’t perform as desired which is why there’s pretty much ever been only two servers with unlagged, one being the otrolig mod which is really just korx with a visual and an annoying audio mod over it, although it had good gun sounds and the other unlagged was a testing I believe.

I get a feeling the bug exists in gpp too though and that bug might be related to projectile nudge setting and unlagged thoguh I do not remember if that was the actual bug. In gpp, my projectile unlagged doesn’t work although it works on our test hybrid server and the old US official server… before I fiddled and broke one of my local settings that is.
Basically if you see me playing in gpp outside the test server (e.g. cuboid) I’m practically at a disadvantage with slow projectile weapons like luci since they pretty much function as if I had unlagged disabled.

I tried to make a fix to it before but I couldn’t find the code for where unlagged actually decides to compensate for projectiles or not.

Battle grangers?! I’m in! XD

Sherlock, I was suggesting to change it to that.