Removal of "sockpuppet" accounts

I’ve removed some Sockpuppet accounts here and from the main site. The IP addresses of these accounts were checked against BotScout and StopForumSpam and confirmed to be of part of VPNs, TOR, or other proxies.

If a person wants to anonymize / proxy AND they can behave themselves perfectly (not violating rules, not annoying other players, not evading a ban), they are welcome to play on the game servers, but they will not be permitted to make forum accounts nor reports against other players or admins.

As of now, our admins are welcome to check player IP of any misbehaving player against those databases and if it is found that they’re behind proxies, ban them with extreme prejudice. Any accounts made from IP addresses belonging to VPNs or other proxies will be deleted, and forum posts removed.

Thanks, and have a great day.