Request for the Publishing of Amsterdam Unlimited's Complete Code

That doesn’t mean that suggestions of changes to the mara jump and other things that were implemented on that mod isn’t worth considering. DevHC has even been describing the algorithms used in Amsterdam Unlimited, so we can work from those descriptions.

But yes, it would be nice if @DevHC decided to release Amsterdam Unlimited’s code to the public so that the hard work that he put into that code could better benefit the greater good of Tremulous and its community, especially since I’m under the impression that he isn’t continuing to develop that mod, and there aren’t even any public servers hosting it at the moment, so at the moment the Amsterdam Unlimited code isn’t really doing anything for Tremulous nor its community.

But this is his decision to make, GPL only requires that one would only have to make the code available to those who have binaries and only the code needed to build those binaries, and at a minimum only when the individuals who have the binaries request the corresponding code in the designated way. But if @DevHC is complying with GPL, he doesn’t even have to explain his choices in what he does with his work.

I am only going to request this once, @DevHC doesn’t have to comply to this request, and he doesn’t even have to respond to it. @DevHC , please consider publishing Amsterdam Unlimited’s complete code to the public, I think that would result in a great net benefit to Tremulous and its community.

Yeah please post. I’d be interested in hosting it in Amsterdam :wink: