[RESOLVED] GrangerPub crashed my GPP client

Greetings all,
I tried to connect to GrangerPub server earlier with the GPP client I have installed, but it crashed instantly. I do have logs for it, though they are a mess.
For the techies among us who can make sense and interest out of it, I am posting them here: http://p.grangerhub.org/view/f599c8d7

– rlb

so the ui module loaded comes from the GPP-with-AMP package, but the menu files come from the Cuboid mod. this may the cause of an abrupt shutdown when the client tries to show the download prompt.

try removing C:\Users\Robert\AppData\Roaming\Tremulous\gpp\zz-cuboid-019.4-vms.pk3, and try connecting again.

however, maybe u will have no PROBLEMs if u just enable the Allow Auto Downloads setting.

You’re implying that this isn’t the case of GPP.

Theres no way in the unholy asshole of opensource quake 3 standalone mods that they could of possibly not made AutoDownloads default atleast by 2009. Noone is that incompetent at making videogames unless they had exactly 0 foresight or comprehension of how mods cultivated on online communities since Unreal Tournament.

I’m going to reinstall Tremulous and then GPP just to double-check this bullshit.

Type into the console:
It will tell you your current setting as well as the default setting.

Copy tremulous/gpp/vms-gpp1.pk3 or whatever the latest version you have, and rename the copied file to zzz-/vms-gpp1.pk3
Do the same thing with tremulous/gpp/data-gpp1

I don’t have problems with the cuboid ui pk3s by the way. I only have problems with the EDGE one because I simply don’t like the EDGE look in the main menu and that I have too many pk3s

Issue solved (by cron’s advice, though ViruS offered the same).
Also thanks for the support guys!
– rlb