Returning player fr4q

Hi everyone,

my ign is fr4q and I’ve recently returned to Tremulous.
Some of you have probably seen me on the server already, either idling as a spectator or feeding. But don’t worry I just need to get used to Tremulous again and it won’t be long until you’ll feed me .
I’ve seen some names on the server that I remember from back in the day which is great and I already have my first fan (@Truck)!

I started playing Tremulous in 2007 and it soon became my most played game.
Some may remember me from Amsterdam Unlimited, the server I spent most of my waking hours on ;).
My favorite exercise is kill whoring, though the best games are always these where the whole team pulls together and not wins by sheer skill, but by working together as a team.

I left Tremulous somewhere around 2011 because of other priorities in life. Although I checked the servers from time to time I never really got hooked again.

Maybe this’ll change now, who knows.

To the admins, devs and players: Thank you for creating this community. I’m looking forwad to play with you guys for a long time to come.

btw @DevHC plx play with me

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Welcome to GHub

Welcome in Cancer Hub, don’t die too fast :smiley:

Welcome to the GrangerHub forums @hoad :smiley: !

Welcome in the GrangerHub @hoad. The grangers shall be there soon to hug you! :smiley:

Welcome back.

glad you finally fixed your priorities :slight_smile: welcome back!

Hey fr4q, welcome.

I played against you the other day; you held your own. It’s always great having old players return.

Thanks guys.
Btw, why aren’t the igns shown on the forum?