Second development of Unstoppable with new rooms

Hi guys! I finally made a brand new room in long footpath between A and H border, now you can view this few screenshots in below. Hope you like it. :wink: :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I still developing for more new locations, stuffs and some places will be relocate, including A or H base, also “Z” shape footpaths will be relocate or maybe remove, and other brushes like walls etc. will be relocate / remove too. So I think I’ll take some few weeks to complete a brand new Unstoppable map with fixed bugs and new styles.

So everyone want to talk it, just leave comments in this thread. :thumbsup:


Looks nice ^^ Good job buddy.

Just a little note here:
Make sure not to make some OP and unkillable spots to build at ^^.

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Nice textures, your map has potential if you work through the balance issues.


Fill it up!!11