Site-building in vain?

The services I’ve head you plan to launch have more popular alternatives, by Google, Apple, etc. That is:

Etherpad —> Google Docs
File sharing —> Google Drive / Dropbox / etc.
GitLab —> GitHub, official GitLab
Granger Spit —> Pastebin, GitHub Gist, etc. etc.

IMO you should focus on the website/forum first, to be done with the site sooner.

And updated Tremulous client, or else Tremulous might as well die completely while you’re building GrangerHub.

The systems that you have mentioned that we are setting up allows for features that we would have to otherwise pay for (more than what is currently available in our resources) in order to utilize from our systems’ more popular counterparts. By installing these systems we also have a lot more control over those systems, and, among other things, we can better integrate those systems into the main website. The main purpose of GrangerHub is to provide a home to both the Tremulous community and Tremulous development (incluing main development, modding, and mapping) that never existed before. The community has been forced to fend for itself for too long.

However, we are not going to wait for all of our planned features to be in place before we are ready to launch the new site. We are focusing on the setup of the main core features for the launch, and the other feature would be made available at a later time.

For example?

Well, today we have GitHub, Google Docs, etc. so it isn’t that bad.

The best thing you can do is to release an updated client (newest ioquake3 with SDL2, etc.) and poke Linux distro maintainers to update their packages.

Have you forgotten which year is this? It’s 2015. You already know the implications.

  • Docs management for groups
  • private repos for projects
  • asset management with revisions and license assignment

We have been exploring this possibility.

Please elaborate, I’m not sure what you are saying.

IMO you should ask Tremulous developers for a permission to take over The old site/forum should be discontinued and should become a simple static website with download links and a link to grangerhub.

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That is a very good idea. However, before making such a proposition to the original Tremulous developers, it would be best to have GrangerHub launched first.

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