Some people blaming about BP and custom mapping

Since Tremulous was released in 2006 until now, it’s 10th anniversary of release Tremulous, and I glad to all people who still survived to play Tremulous including me.

But after released it and custom mapping was appeared, we know that some people blaming about mapping structures was too complicated, or someone said “too bad” for making who paying, even have so many problems of it.

Also the BP, this is really really important point! Some people said that mapper adjust BP was not very good at all, but this happened is said about unlimited or too much used, that’s why I said it’s really terrible question.

BUT the problem is, some people said that 250 BP (example of BP) is too much, they complaint and want to get back to normal as standard (100 BP). As my opinion, this standard BP is [color=red]NOT[/color] enough for building things and will end up the game so quickly, so I need to improve those end up will how can we need to stay alive and how we will lose or win. [spoiler](250BP is still not too much, what the heck is going on?)[/spoiler]

And also too much BP can cause graphics performance affecting by builds, I know that it’s common point, but I’m not just fxcking people for about problem, and I know this is fxcked up. I can solve this problem with discussing admin/mapper for how mapping will getting improve. I shall all people are not to blame about Tremulous. So please, I was crying and missed Tremulous since it was RIP. I played it for almost 8 years!

Well, if anyone who didn’t like customized BP? Only one answers as so easy, DON’T PLAY IT! And please not to spam for voting change map because it’s annoying to other people are playing. I’m here to want all people peacefully, not like fighting on war without reason. I need to calm down 'cause I’m crying.

Hope everyone will understand.

L4 [color=lred]G[/color][color=cyan]Hub[/color] Admin,

The 10th anniversary was actually a few months ago. You’re way late.

Because it isn’t, it just stalls out the game even longer.

Yes, this is why the majority of games go to Sudden Death and only end with Rant rushes or Luci rushes. If you increase the BP by 150% you will get games that go to Time Limit instead of just Sudden Death. Is that what you want?

You’re not helping your case.

People don’t. That’s why the shitty UBP servers died off.

Did you consider that maybe the people voting for other maps don’t enjoy playing on maps with higher BP limits? If I recall correctly, you said “DON’T PLAY IT!”. They’re trying not to play it, that’s why they’re voting other maps instead of shitty maps that have higher BP limits.

I don’t think anyone is fighting a war over BP, and if they were, the people who don’t want infinite BP (or even just 250 BP) highly outnumber the people who do want more BP.

On most maps, 250 BP highly favors humans because they can spread out their buildables easily and their buildables are harder to kill; one Luci shot kills an Egg, but it takes a few seconds to kill a Repeater, so human forwards have a better chance to defend themselves. Alien buildables are notoriously weak, and the majority of bases in scrims entirely neglect anything but Eggs, a Booster, and maybe a couple Trappers, and more Trappers is just bad because they all die easily to Luci splash damage anywhere near them. The only server I’ve played on where I enjoyed the increase in BP was House of Nuts which had scaling BP based on the number of players currently on teams (something like 4 BP per 2 players after a certain point), but it never went above maybe 160 BP even with a nearly full server (unless my memory is outright failing me).

TL;DR: Increased BP is bad. Don’t have it as a default on your server, and for God’s sake, don’t override the default BP for your maps.

150 BP is maximum acceptable, 200 BP for very big maps if anything, otherwise it’s complete cancer to me.

150 provides amazing gameplay opportunities, it’s not a complete excess that removes all strategy or just outright promotes endless careless structure spam, makes good forwards etc., and in the current conditions, it doesn’t lag. I’m interested in making a medium sized mission map with 150-200BP. /spoiler


So the main question is Star ATCS by yalt (now Matth) is VERY big and it’s the largest mapping in our Tremulous, but the BP I think it’s only 150BP, that makes no sense.

And yes, I accept your solution. But problem is this main question are not logic, so I need to know what kind of mapping to do require for enough BP whatever you hiding for building. That’s why I need to know it. :confused:

Well Billy Im sorry but 450 BP I dont think thats acceptable on your Unstoppable map. What has long tunnels and kind of human favored map. Today we played it and humans were just camping doesnt matter what we were. The doors are so slow as alien with goon we have no chance to run away at all. Like a week ago we played it and the default human base has a narrow stairs what was blocked with DC so after SD you could block it forever. We were constantly rushing but didnt have much damage at all. If I remember well we extended it like 2 times and before TL we finally could rush it down. Was a bit annoying we were kind of helpless for like an hour because of long tunnels, slow doors and narrow stairs what can be easily defended if you camp. BP should be lowered on that map.
Of course we want to change the map beacuse we remember how it was the last time. Need to fix this balancing problem somehow.

Doors slow open problem: Back to default, solved.

BP too much: I accepted MaeJong’s solution, waiting for my update is coming.

Camping problem: H or A base is only I accept it, but other places still not solving yet. Currently I’m waiting @romdos for planning a new room for non-camping area ASAP.

Other problem of structures will start solving and improving as I collected some people had reported about bugs. Currently, I’m improving this mapping, but I need to take very long time to complete another version as after @romdos will complete this plan.

Usually maps with the none normal BP limit (500,400,300 and 200+) are maps that are usually made for players to have fun and a wacky game also coming with a different experience from the regular BP and map layouts.

However you are right on the camping part maps that have long hall ways are downsides to aliens as aliens are melee only excluding the ADV Dragoon.

The standard Trem player 2008-Present mostly play Granger Club and Granger Pub, with this comes the usual BP amount players get adjusted to their BP that they have on their server and any changes will make them slightly less even with any maps that change your BP.

What about Epic or Epic_B5/Epic5?

Yup, that is HUGE than Star ATCS. But Epic5 is terrible mapping as I could. :frowning:

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ofc adjusting BP per map and curating layouts besides the map default should always have been a responsibility of smart server owners but it’s trem so there are none.

Many Unlimited/“High” bp mods that I have played have had very fun aspects (while introduced many new problems as well). But those mods also involved changing many other things besides just the amount of bp to accommodate for the highers bp. In some cases the bp even behaves completely differently from 1.1 vanilla (actually gpp vanilla is a perfect example with its bp zones with each repeater). So how much bp is appropriate for a given map very much depend mostly on the game play of the mod.

If you want a map to be generally playable on more than one type of game play, it is usually a good idea for the map to not override the server bp settings as any fixed value could be both too high in some game plays, and too low in other game plays.


WRONG, not map file r U srs.

Well, I had from 3am to woke up and thinking about why people hates too much BP afaik before posting this thread, and I’m very complicated for making decision to how my mapping will going to grow successful and improve by people reacting.

150, 200 and 250 BP = This is the highest BP as ever seen, but Unstoppable is currently are 450BP (not including those builds cost). So I need to check it out how mapping are big enough and give some testing to play with lower than 400BP. I still very hard to choose that prefer use.

@dGr8LookinSparky: Yes, more BP is for players fun. But some of it still have problem with that too much BP cost.

Actually idk that mapping had how much BP for free usage because I didn’t play it for few years. Sorry. :disappointed_relieved:

uBP had a dominate community/forum and a constantly packed server for over 2 years. It died due to a forced migration with a multi-gaming community, and constant uprisings from the original players/admins consequent of that.

I agree that the original BP limit is too small, however 250 is way too much. A limit of around 130 is much more reasonable, or perhaps keeping the original 100 but allowing a repeater/hovel to power 30.

Adjusting the BP to balance the gameplay featured in your map is lazy mapping. You should attempt to balance the gameplay to what you enjoy from map editing alone.

Additionally I think your map still has some severe problems in balancing. Too many open spaces and long hallways, the overall layout is good but you need to add more assets. You can acquire the lengthy game you desire by ensuring that 6v6+ features balanced play.

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