Sounds Released by ViruS

When the holidays come I’ll probably make a new menu theme based off the Tremfusion and the Tremulous menu. I’ll probably make it similar style to my botscamp music.

I’ve also made some gun sound samples using the same chiptune software but I’m not sure if people are into those sound of sound styles.
Example with the blaster
The sounds used in the video that are made by me are as follows (except the first link):
Stream Blaster-Bubbles by ZdrytchX | Listen online for free on SoundCloud - Unused bubble sound. Could be used with a protector (bubble particle system, which isn’t available right now) if protectors end up targetting enemies rather than orbiting the player in the future.
Stream Blaster Missile by ZdrytchX | Listen online for free on SoundCloud - missile sound, the sound it makes when it whizzes past you
Stream Blaster Fire by ZdrytchX | Listen online for free on SoundCloud - Fire Sound. I’ll need to make a new one since I’ve lost the old source I made it with though to be honest it isn’t too bad.
Stream Blaster Hit (Wall) by ZdrytchX | Listen online for free on SoundCloud - splat
Stream Doublejump [FamiTracker] by ZdrytchX | Listen online for free on SoundCloud (Double Jump sound for CPM physics although I think I need to make a new one, this one is too loud and arcady)
Stream Mdriver missilesound by ZdrytchX | Listen online for free on SoundCloud (My GPP-1.1 mod had a non-hitscan mass driver)

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that’s all very cool, but we really need a replacement rifle sound on the test7341 server, newsource wont admit it sounds like shit, but it does.

A lot of people won’t admit that, because it doesn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

– rlb

Default rifle isn’t so bad, particularly with bass but yeah, the one on test7341 doesnt have the “impact” as much. Probably because the sound goes ooo-choof rather than daa

The current sound we are using for the riffle on test7341 is pretty good, although it might be better for another weapon. It does make the riffle sound pretty powerful, and makes me want to use the riffle more. If we do change the sound on the riffle again, it needs to be something more epic than the original sound but fits the weapon well.

It’s not that it doesn’t sound powerful, it’s the sound delay
For example, if you reverse the sound of the lucifer cannon fire using audacity or whatever, and applied it to the rifle, you get a really… out of place feeling.
oomphd oomphd oomphd oomphd oomphd

The sounds don’t have to be overall powerful as long as it has other sounds to back it up smoothly.
if you look back at my video link, and rewind a few seconds and listen to the pulse rifle. The sounds are actually just copied from Xonotic’s electro cannon thing that spits out pipe-bombs and explodes when you shoot it with the primary fire.

The fire sound is very weak however when it hits a wall it makes a satisfying electric discharge effect, even though it is still also weak and the even louder sound that the pulses make as they buzz through the air is literally electrifying. You don’t really hear it in that section so you may need to rewind to let’s say, 6:30
When the pulse hits you it doesn’t sound so powerful, but it seems powerful due to your health draining away quickly and the electric sparks that still come out of the pulse rifle.
Like the movie gravity

It sounds like something it isn’t. It’s not too shitty, but it is loud as fuck for something that isn’t supposed to be.
I’d see this sound more on a heavy machinegun on a bipod or some shit.

Brilliant idea. I am still sticking with my idea of using the wilhelm scream to replace the lasgun’s sound.

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