Spectator actions?

“Hey Listen!”
Something I thought yesterday that I wondered if it could be a nice thing for tremulous.
What if we had in-game actions from spectators that they could do?
Like have them be able to place relics after X time, (If the game takes too long.) (And maybe just a randomly selected person could, or two.) If the person is afk, we would give the temp. permission mode to another one automatically. (Detecting it could be as easy as if no commands used by this little system is sent in Y time, do Z.)

Could maybe be nice to have spectators be able to do something once in a while. Imagine that they had like a little puzzle game on their end that if they manage to finish in time or successfully. Depending on how well they did, an effect would be added in the current match.
Like, humans can temporarily only use their side-arm (Blaster). Aliens explodes on hit (1 death only.) dealing extra damage to the surrounding objects. An alien could get bigger and bigger (with a limit of course.)

Sure it’s not a super important feature, but it could be a maybe nice feature?


Could you elaborate more about the relics? or relic?


What I meant about relics is like the old Relic mod. (It could be added as an add-on to other mods too, I managed to install it back then with Ambush.)
Basically they are boosts that you can walk in to get their effects.
W had this as well at some point (Not spread in the map as I meant. But you could get effects with !p)

More exactly, I meant relics like in this (Risujin.org The website is down, but still accessible in archive.):

EDIT so we don’t need to go on the page everytime (Damn slow it is :stuck_out_tongue: ):
Here is all the relics available back then on the mod. Back then they would be in-game firstly as a texture on the ground and ended up being a full-on modeled box with these images on it.


Lol that’d be fun to see it adapted into trem gameplay especially on test


Goomba relic was fun against dretches

iirc in the final version it gave you unlimited stamina as humans because players complained about its uselessness


Yeah, I miss relics personally :stuck_out_tongue: