ssingh9 tests the forum

Hi all! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m an old face from AA. Honestly thought Trem would be dead by now and am pleasantly surprised that it isn’t.

hey ssingh! Welcome back to trem :stuck_out_tongue: and welcome to the grangerhub forums.

Trem is alive and well! Welcome to GrangerHub :smiley: !

welcome back

Welcome in North Korea!

almost dead =/= alive and well


Heyo ssingh

ssingghhsggggggsdgdshsgjEGHSEGUHdsg omgoamgoamg

Very true, what is also true is that trem is alive and well :wink: .

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Welcome back.

u impostor scum aimer

lol hai singh

also hai nobbbb where you ben

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Hi @ssingh9, Welcome on GrangerHub :slight_smile:

I could not have said it better my self. Scun*

hi ssingh ^^ no btw trem isn’t dead yet. but ghub is doing its best! :DDDDDD

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helo ssing

@faceman i am still waiting for something… better hurry up mongrel

it refuses to die like my grandpa

i want my goddamn money and move already