Sup everyone

Hi to those who dont know me, thought id post here even though i registered a month ago.

I am known as Code_Man, yes with that fucking underscore, almost everywhere i hang around, mostly due to trem, ingame aswell ofcourse but with a {Z}, for the old Z server in front of my name.

I have been around for like about 6 years now, if not longer, i realize its not very much around here, and met many great people and had lots of fun that nowhere else can be found.
This community is unique and epic in its own way i hope i can remain part of it for many more years, even though i want need to cut down on the gaming, but i hope i can contribute in meaningful ways.

I was part of the old F server as a regular, most of that community dissapated now, but some are still left and play trem.
Now i hope i can find a good spot here in grangerhub and help this great game to thrive for another 10 years, i am real glad for gh being formed and know the devs are great people.
I owe much to this game, it is an integral part of my life, for good and maybe some small bad bits.

As you can infer from my name i am a programmer as hobby, even though my enthusiasm shrunk quite a bit and i am now a bit more interested in gamedev and literature.
Not that i have made anything fancy yet, i am mostly a lone wolf and have my own set of projects, sadly i cannot show anything yet.
I gained a bit of infamy for a disastrous career as trem mapper, which i hope to reboot and make some great maps.
Working with the spring community is about the only other place i am actively engaged in.
I am nutorious for being afk, lazy and slow or just plain crazy sometimes.
Most of my time i waste on irc talking stupid smack.

Beyond being a computer junkie there isnt much else, i go outside for walks and do some natural photography and boozing when i get the chance.
I can get a bit hung up on things or just go fucking nuts sometimes, but i can keep my cool most of the time and be reasonable.

Well i guess that the basics what you can hear about me, hope i can be bothered to get ingame some time and see you.


Welcome to the GrangerHub forums @Code_Man :smiley: !!! It’s good to see you finally posting here!

Yeah im rather hard pressed to dig out my password and make posts, i more of an instant chat person, but i will try.

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Good first post. Welcome.


Sup and welcome Code!

If you don’t recognize me, I am wolv500wattz from F :smiley:

By the way, Sex is also here but I only see him on the test server since he refuses to get on any forums like xserverx xD

Yeah i remember you and saw sex here and on the server the other weekend.

Welcome Code_Man!
Good to see you, hoping to see great things from you :smiley:

Welcome to ghub

you came to the wrong hovel, motherfucker

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Nah, this is the correct hovel.

I guess you are right.

Welcome to our forum! And nice to see you! :smiley:

This is how I imagine Code_Man


Welcome to Ghub

Hi code man! Welcome to our forum!

@Woodbury: That is Matrix xD

Hahaha thanks guys, glad to be on board.

I also got a website, its outdated a bit but anyway

Also here is an old photo of me i took on a whim one time and had lying around, figure il share for the heck of it.



Sweden is a different country from Switzerland