Testserver QVMs - Impossible to host

I tried hosting the test7341 qvms for myself, so I could experiment around with the new features, but it seems that no matter what tremded I use, my client runs into a base/0 mismatch error. What kind of tremded does grangerhub use to run these QVMs?

where did u download the test7341 game QVM ? my guess is that u didn’t: u only tried to use the cgame and ui QVMs with an incompatible game QVM.

however, GrangerHub uses the latest version of the Tremulous source code hosted on GitHub, heavily modified, particularly by multi-protocol changes.

There’s nothing special about the tremded, you just don’t have the game logic module for servers because it hasn’t been released yet.

Hi Cheese :slight_smile: ,

The game QVM in development on the test7341 server has not been released yet, that part of the game logic (the game binary and the code) will be released at the 1.3 initial release. The QVMs that are distributed are only the cgame and the ui QVMs, and without the game QVM, your tremded is probably reverting back to whatever default game QVM you have which would be a mismatch for the test7341’s client side QVMs.

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Ah, so it’s not in the public domain yet? I look forward to its release.

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It is not publicly released yet, but GPL licensing applies (public domain is a different concept).