The Spitfire from KoRx

Continuing the discussion from Drag your old videos from the past:

We do plan on trying out and tweaking the Spitfire on the test7341 server in the very near future.


He doesn’t have/use bombs though in the video. Idr but I think you need a booster.

Please, god no, don’t add this, it’s a fucking gimmick that does nothing to help the game. On some maps, the Spitfire breaks the map, and otherwise it’s just an unbalanced pile of trash. Spitfire was also the beginning of the decline of KoRx, leading rapidly up to its ultimate demise.

The spitfire was fun but bad made.

Please give specific examples of maps it broke and how. Also elaborate in detail on how it was unbalanced.

Its BBOX allowed it to fit in places not made to be fit in. On Treecannon GMOTW, the teleporter sometimes teleports you above the map (and then you fall into another teleporter that gets you back into the map) but Spitfire could abuse it and stay up there indefinitely, basically invincible.

As for unbalanced, originally it was so terrible that its only use was to get jettards down (and it wouldn’t even kill them, just let teammates get them). Then they added a bomb and it became extremely strong for killing bases, but still mostly useless for its original purpose.

That can be adjusted.

Yeah, I have seen that with the hummel on the Edge mods. What if the spitfire needed a cool down period so to speak and had to walk on land after flying for awhile?

I’m going to have to see it in action on the game play we are currently designing on test7341. Actually I think we have already addressed the issue of jet camping by making use of jet fuel. So we might re-purpose the spitfire completely.

Maybe don’t play shit maps.


I try. Won’t stop other people ¯\(ツ)

Its ability to fly could be charged up around a booster, like it needed one to refill in bombs in the past.

What about bases built in places high above the ground? That’s especially true for shitmaps, we should just remove them. :L

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But is it effective without flying? No other alien loses most of its abilities when there are no buildings.

Good point. Really if the problem here is that it can glitch out of a map forever, the appropriate way to solve the issue would be being able to set up harm zones, no build zones, and other stuff via commands, rather than changing the whole mechanism of an alien class. Even if it takes a bit of work setting them up, we can do it progressively everytime a new one is discovered. (Ex: nobuild would be amazing under that grate in Ethereal. The map is really good but it’s ruined by humans building invincible bases, doesn’t mean we should make RC taller than it already is so it doesn’t fit in there).

Slacker’s QVM comes with !nobuild, actually.

[quote]!help: help for ‘!nobuild’:
Function: set nobuild markers to prevent players from building in an area
Syntax: !nobuild (area) (height)
Flag: ‘nobuild’[/quote]

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Spitfire was a really… weak class.
Its bbox is what I recall, very huge, something like 50x50x50 (I’ll check assets later). With unlagged it was very very easy to kill because it only had 50 hp. Its only advantage was the areazap effect where aiming is not required (a modification to all areazap including marauder’s zap in the korx mod actually make the zap weaker but didn’t require aiming and drained energy fuel from jetpack and cells from energy guns) and the spitfire’s flight speed. It can “sprint” up to something like 800 units per second but it wasn’t that fast actually in small areas because its inertia made things a bit complicated, especially when you slowed down whenever you touched something.

The alien class is pretty much useless if it doesn’t fly but it’s just about as manouverable as a dretch without flight and it costs 2 evos so it wasn’t that useful on large open maps where jetpacks are bound to be spammed anyway. It’s a good balance measure to counter jettards in maps like treecannon and rotcannon though often it’s a waste of evos atttempting because you could risk the jetpack blowing both you and your target up, and getting shot down before you reach the jetpacker.

Like Menace said, on GMOTW’s treecannon you can abuse the teleported space above the map, but humans also had jetpacks that didn’t require a reactor to be used (they lost energy fuel and regained slower withotu it though) so it wasn’t really considered a problem. I’ve never seen people camping up there with spitfire successfully but I’ve seen people try to do it before. They didn’t last long, they died very quicly to things like flame throwers, chainguns, even one shot from a shotgun is enough.

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