Third Development of Unstoppable

Good day fellows! This is the third dev version of Unstoppable, human base is now relocated to new H base room with advanced details, old H base is now reconstructed with partitioned, also other new places is now available to enjoy it. :wink: :slight_smile:

Currently it’s almost 80% completed and A base is no plan to change it for temporary, so everyone hope will like it. :thumbsup:


loooool that computer room with propaganda… I like that


Same i laughed when i saw it.

You probably shouldn’t use that Interview poster.

the other 2 would be fine i imagine

Would that really be a problem though? It is like they are getting free advertising.

Because it’s copyright infringement, and not even subtle.

Whatever copyrighted or not, it just a poster, so it’s my own decision.

Since after “The Interview” was released, Sony company was hacked by North Korea by those relationship of this movie, I wonder how North Korea knew about that and revenge it… :confused:

@Odin I know this is copyrighted, but NK said it’s just a dump movie, so we better ignore NK without getting chaos because I don’t like NK and communism, except propaganda.






Sorry, but you are WRONG :tm: @BillyRazOr2015 . The law > your decision.

The art is copyrighted, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it in your map, which you made for your own personal use and then are sharing for other non-commercial use. Sony is not gonna care about this, ever.

If this were prominently displayed in a commercial game you were making and then selling, that might be quite another story.

With that said, I think the poster seems out of place and will make your map seem “dated” after a short while. I’ll help you find cool commie art if you want tho, I love that stuff.

######Source text via Wikipedia® licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License


Well, can you make a fake “The Interview” poster? Or I’ll remove it and find other poster without copyright…

Why does it need to be The Interview?

Nothing, just did it for fun. Right now I don’t want everyone to complain with many times about copyright anymore. I know copy those law things is illegal, so I’ll remove it.

So you win and I’m lose! Don’t make me no fair and square! I hope everyone will fine.

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There’s two or three maps with poornography that was shown on public servers. Those server owners didn’t get sued.

Was it proprietary pornography?

No sources were given about it (afaik)

NSFW details:
There was fisting, gay (which was in an easter egg area in !nversion iirc) and picture of boobies (the name was literally called pornb2 or sometihng like that) iirc.[/spoiler]