This app cant run on your pc

just i installed tremulous 1.1 (new), and then i install tremulous 1.3 alpha 0.9 and the app cant run on my pc

that said too to find a version for your pc, check with the software publisher

Are you running Windows XP?

Windows 8.1 x32 bits

32 bit, not 64 bit? At the moment we only have builds for 64 bit. But didn’t you have an earlier version of the 1.3 alpha client working on your computer before (the 1.3 alpha client has only been available in 64 bit so far)?

For windows 64 bit, this is the version to download: . Is that the one you used @Nicolas21550 ?


nah cannot run, nevermind

I have a bug to fix this, I’ll prioritize it


what i need do with it?

Wait for the bug to be fixed, then we can include 32 bit builds in the releases :slight_smile: . Or you can use the 64 bit releases sooner on a 64 bit computer if you have one available.

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