To All Asians/Australians: Weekly games on Aussie Assault

In attempt to gather Australians that only visit the aussie assault forums and not play the game to play the game, I invite all asians/australians (and those who don’t fit the category but wish to come anyway) to AussieAssault on Mondays, 0800 UTC (around 4PM West Australian time, 6PM Sydney time if they don’t have daylight saving, and about 7-8pm New Zealand time [i don’t know their timezones]).

Just note that the server is using some of the oldskool Aussie Assault rules (not really complete though because Sixthly is absent), that is that you can press R to mark-deconstruct, and there’s no unlagged. That means west australians and N-zealanders need to aim ahead quite a bit while the pesky victorians and whales people can pretty much point and click.

More details (not really) here:

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AA is a great server despite certain retard admins. Cool people, lax environment. If you abobos are chilling with Kangaroos as you play on your thinkpads bought with Australian tax payer money while Tony Abbott sheds a tear, then Aussie Assault is the server for you.

This message was brought to you by the Liberal Party of Australia.

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Except there are no admins now, because sixthly hasnt recovered the admin.dat. So right now no one but sixthly has any admin commands, and sixthly hasnt been seen for a whole season. (Sixthly owns the server)

he was a brave man, but there are no more heroes among men

good night sweet prince

Reminder there’s a game in 3 hours…

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Did anyone turn up?

Quite a few. Most of them connected at different times though without seeing each other and there was a confusion because I mentioned 0800 UTC and they thought 8 pm (6pm sydney time)

You should try to make it a weekly thing,

Edit: Doh, I just read the full title of this topic. I need some sleep.

It’s really good to see quite a few aussies join again.

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Setrack, he just enters the server, says “virus is gay” and leaves. I don’t really know why he even bothers.

Jealous of you :blush:

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To me, he’s just yang junior