Tomahawk returning

Hey guys,

Some of you know me from AA i think, i’m Tomahawk ( used to be {GdM}TomahawK{OnT} ).
I came back a few weeks ago and just realized there was a new server called GrangerHub, i spend most of the time spectating and talking shit lol.

I’ve been playing this game for like 9 years already, it’s really nice to reencounter old players and also get to know new players in this game.

Anyways, i’m gonna try to get used to the forums.

Thanks for not letting tremulous die <3<3<3.

( Sorry about my broken english :grin: )


Welcome back old granger :wink:

Welcome to Granger Hub forums and servers!

welcome back

Welcome back!

Hey there!

Welcome back.

herro tmtamawk

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Lol same.

WB bro Dont worry My english broken much much too :smiley:

welcome to grangerhub

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Welcome back!

dibs on you when you’ve shaken the rust off