TremDroid HD Official test on sunday request (14 jun 2015)

Hi guys, i wanna make test of TremDroid HD 1.3.1

What is TremDroid?:

This is my mod for GPP, this based on EDGE/New EDGE sources, and have fun features :smile:

So if this passed, i make topic in my section (tremdroid) in ( with more info

How about sunday 4 pm GMT onwards. I am free usually after midnight in my own time zone (GMT+8)

em 04:00 for you yes??? hmmm sec

where you live? in some asia?

please check time here …check time in ur and my country…

I am in Malaysia. Same timezone as Singapore, Hong Kong… which is GMT + 8 or UTC + 8.

TremDroid looks pretty cool. Having Tremulous run on my phone would be pretty rad. Goodluck improving on it!

Just try to remember to ask permission/credit when using other people’s content. :wink:

Hi all!

time of test edited, now it a 22:00 (moscow time)

check time you can here:

Some help,

If you can’t connect (client crush, error download and etc)

you can manually install pk3, download here tdhd_demodata_1.3.0, tdhd_demodata_1.3.1 and tdhd_patch+vm.pk3…and put it into C:\Program Files\Tremulous\tdhd

Perhaps you should highlight the new features available each time you host a dev game for your mod.