TremDroid HD: Regular development games on Sundays

“TremDroid HD” (a new GPP mod) will be hosting development games every Sunday on the “TremDroid HD | DevGames” server. The games begin at 15:00 and 23:00 UTC (11:00 AM and 7:00 PM EDT, USA). To join the server, you will need a Tremulous client capable of connecting to GPP servers.

TremDroid HD is a GPP mod, it based on EDGE/New EDGE sources, and have Classic (original Yalt’s) EDGE, New EDGE and own featurs, in this:

  • Maps with HD textures
  • New Units, Buildables and Classes.
  • In development is own HUD (Actually, TDHD have fs_game tdhd…so you won’t lost general gpp ui/hud :blush: )

In list of EDGE/New EDGE features on TDHD is:

  • Last New EDGE updates with New Unit “Wraith” (also in New EDGE, this a edited Basilisk, in TremDroid HD this is a another class…so you can use both )
  • In Features is classic EDGE atmosphere with Units “Hummel” and buildables like “Flame Turret, and more other”.
  • In features is New EDGE weapons “Lightinin Gun and Rocket launcher”

In List of own features is:

  • New Units “Crazy Granger”, “Adv.Hummel”.
  • New Buildables “Rocket Turret”
  • Some Ported buildables “Grass”, “Tree” and “Bamboo”

So we wait you in Sundays :blush: All invited, be there!

NEWS: In this sunday is begin officially TremDroid HD TEST!!!

What New?:

  • Nuclear Dretch (well this is radioactivity dretch, but is some different, now radioactivity dretch reverted to Adv dretch)
  • Fixed All bugs
  • Removed Some New EDGE garbage updates : )