Tremulous 1.3 Building Guide


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Building can give you a hard time when you are not prepared or when you have no idea what the different buildables and the different things to think are. This guide is here to provide a solid base for the new players as well as provide a nice and refreshing way for advanced players and veteran players to review their current knowledge.

[size=6]The Buildables[/size]

Machinegun Turret:

The Machinegun Turret (Often called only Turret in-game.) is your primary base defense. It is the cheapest and the lowest damaging anti-alien buildable you have access to protect your base from being swarmed. In most cases, you will be using it through-out the whole game.


The Telenode (Often shortened to Node in-game.) is your respawn point. No Nodes means your in trouble and probably close to lose the game. It is a good thing to keep a few (Often, 3-4 is enough to provide your team with a good respawn timing.)

The Teleporter is a recent addition to the game which will be referenced here as a Gate for making it close to what you will encounter in-game and get you to think more into a clear code manner for the in-game chat as this might save your life in some battles. The Gate is a good way to cover medium to long distances that you would waste time traveling using traditional ways. A good way to setup Gates is to make one in a good and protected spot in your base while having one close to the alien base while still being well hidden/protected. The aliens cannot use the Gate as of now.

Defense Computer:

The Defense Computer (Often called DC in-game.) is an upgrade machinery which allows you to build additional buildables which are currently limited to the Tesla Generator. You only need one DC to allow building any amount of Tesla Generators. It can also provide an easy wall-up against tyrants and direct rush strategies.


The Medi-Station (Often called Medi in-game.) is your base healing station. You will most likely be using it most of the time if you go to combat. The Medi can also replenish your medkit allowing you to heal over-time during combat. Having one near your Armory is generally a good idea.

Tesla Generator:

The Tesla Generator (Often called Tesla in-game.) is a 360 degree hitting range-limited turret with higher damage than the regular turret. The Tesla can provide a solid source of damage when combined with Turrets, Wall-ups or with any setup that needs a good and sustained amount of damages.


The Armory (Often called Arm in-game) is providing you with all the purchases available in-game. You will be able to buy weapons, armors, helmets, grenades and such at this station. The Arm can serve either as an Armory or a Wall. It is generally a good idea to protect the buyers with Turrets for when they are shopping for an upgrade on their equipment. It is also a good idea to provide a Wall-up for the Nodes as the Arm takes about two hits from an Advanced Dragoon (Often called Adv. Goon. in-game.) barb shot (The ranged attack of the Adv. Goon.).


The Reactor (Often called RC in-game.) will provide you with your initial base power allowing you to build.
As long as you are in range of the Reactor power coverage, you will be able to build until your build points (Usually called BP.) reaches zero. The RC will also deal damage to any enemy close to it. It is generally a good idea to cover your RC with a good Turrets or Teslas defense.

The Repeater (Often called Repeat.) is like a small RC. It provides a little bit of a lesser range as the power is a little bit lower, but it allows you to do some forward-building, a pretty good strategy that has worked since the beginning of the game.


The Egg is similar to the Node. The main difference is that the Egg can be built on walls and ceilings.
It is generally a good idea to hide them well as well as protecting them well.

The Barricade is you main wall-up buildable. It provides you with a nice and easy way to block-off entire sections without having to build thousands of Acid Tubes to protect the place. A good way to use it is to block entrances that could lead directly to your base. Since it retracts when being walked on, you can easily block a path with it while still allowing tyrants and all the other aliens to pass through. Usually you should not need more than four to five barricade in a good base. They take a lot of BPs and are often less useful than an Acid Tube.

Acid Tube:
The Acid Tube (Often called Tube.) is your main defense. Similar to the turret, the only changes are the damages and the range. Since you can build the Tubes on walls, ceilings and floors, the damage and range is a little bit smaller. A good way of protecting your base is to make sure that all your entrances are protected by some Tubes and maybe a Barricade or two.

The Trapper allows you to trap your enemies on the spot. It shoots a barb and if it hits the target, it prevents all movements from the target for a few seconds. It is generally a good idea to hide them and use them at your entrances along with some Tubes to kill the intruders in only a few seconds.

Slime Zunge:
The Slime Zunge (Will be referred as Zunge through-out the guide.) is a new addition to the game that allows you to pull your enemies towards the Zunge allowing newer traps or even an elevator on a map with a high ceiling.


The Booster is the equivalent of the DC with the differences of providing poison damage and increased health regeneration to the alien that touches it. It is generally a good idea to somewhat hide it as it has close to no health and is a really good thing to have access to.

The Hive is the equivalent to the Tesla. It has a little bit higher range than the Tesla, but does a little less damage.
When used, it is generally good to keep it along the Tubes, the Barricades and the Trappers. It costs a lot more than the Tubes and is often just skipped completely and not used.

The Hovel is your Granger home. You can use it by pressing the Q key. It will protect the granger from any outside damages as long as the Hovel is not dead. It is generally used as a free wall as it provides close to no protection in a real fight situation.

The Overmind (Often called OM in-game.) is the same as a RC but with a new model.
It has the same power range and hits a little bit when an enemy is too close. It is generally a good idea to protect it really well. It has a lot of health, but its health goes down quickly with only two marines with rifles. Quick enough to provide a threat to the base.

[size=6]The Basics of strategies[/size]


When building, a good thing to remember is to always make sure that every angles are covered. You do not want any free spots where any Adv. Goon. could camp and hit you from. Make sure you also get used to the placement system. A quick and precise built base is years better than a shit hole built in a few seconds of panic. Take your time, building is close to a dedication. Once you go builder, do not leave your base unless it is fully built. Sometimes it is good to have a designated builder in the team as well as one or two other marine/builder to help you out. A good base will prevent any alien to come in. Even tyrants.


When building as an alien you should think close to the same as building as a human. You need to cover all the angles in each entrances as well as maybe have an emergency defense inside your base just in cases where the humans go through the main defense and is a few Tube hits away from death. Make sure your defenses are not easy to shoot from distance. Yes you will have Dragoons and Dretches allies to deal damages while you build, but do not think that they will always be protecting the same spots. Building as an alien is way easier than building as a human. As an alien you just place the buildable and wait for it to build. As a human you need to build it yourself. Take that time as an advantage. Place an egg well hidden, maybe two to make sure the power is not going off completely when a human breaks the egg and place your defense to the entrances that the humans are going to come from. Do not bother protecting the other entrance if it is your own team base that is there. Only build defenses where needed. You are pretty limited in BPs. Enough to need a well-thought base. This applies to both teams.


This base is pretty well built as it provides a good defense at pretty much any entrance the aliens might come from while still staying relatively close to each others. The Gates are easy to access, the Arm, the Medi and the Nodes are as well. The alien should have a pretty hard time to go through this as long as the builder is not alone in the team.
The RC is really well protected as well as the Nodes. The placement of the Arm provides a good protection to any human spawning and also allows them to buy their equipment right after spawning. The second Gate is well protected and also has a Node to allow a marine to spawn here as well as go back to the base or go here to easily going on a flanking mission.

As for the aliens, this base is acceptable. The only problem is that the Tubes that are at the Alien default base are easy to see and shoot from a far distance. The other entrance however is really well defended and would be giving a hard time to any unprepared humans. The OM is well protected and the eggs are, for some, really well hidden while some are too much in the open.

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