Tremulous main-menu new song

Hello again :smiley: I, Sparky and Cron worked together to make a new song for the tremulous Main-Menu.

Here’s the actual music: ( Mediafire Listen Link, while cron is offline :wink: )
Finally Heartbeat ( mp3 ) ( ogg )

We used “C’Mon” by Analog By Nature, licensed CC-BY-3.0"
Here’s the link if you want it: Link
Also uses samples from Tremulous, licensed CC-BY-3.0

Please give us your feedback :slight_smile: It will highly help us.
(Tho, you might want to lower your volume a bit :wink: It’s the regular gain, but it sounds loud on my headset…)


It’s great keep up the good work I hope it makes it ^_^!


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Here my dear bot :wink:

Nice work! lol

thx :slightly_smiling:

I need 10 hour version

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I can try :wink: It might take some time tho, because this is only about 50 sec long :wink:

Extend and remix it to 3 minutes

yea, that’s what I’ll prob do

exporting it. It may take a while x) 1998 bar to export :wink:

which is about 61 minutes

Then I’ll need to upload it

I know it’s not 10 hours, but for now it’s 1 :wink: Else it would take me an hour to export and then maybe 2 to upload x)

As soon it’s uploaded I send the link for ckit :wink:

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Here ckit :wink: a 1hour long version for now: Link


I love it! I’m not sure if it would be best for the main-menu though, usually main-menu songs are more of quiet background songs, whereas this one sounds like a song you would pick to listen to

Maybe take out some of the movement and just keep the main underlying progression with some variance in the melody, and perhaps slowing it down a bit?


Sure, I guess it could be done, but I might need to work a lot for that :wink:
We used a already made song and just modified it a lot.

But I guess what you said could be done :wink: I’ll try my best to.

By any chance was it a starwars dubstep song?

idk :smiley: Maybe you should ask the one that made the original song we used :stuck_out_tongue:

Star wars dub step

reminds me of this similarly

Yea true x)

I wish it was giving you the original MOD file that you can edit. That way you can make a lot of changes. But for that I guess we need to compose something from scratch. It’s been a while I played with a Tracker software :wink: and I was never good at it.