Two ways to make Tremulous more realistic

First, let’s quickly debunk NASA’s so-called “physics”. People mostly criticize the relativity, but there are still things that make no sense even in Newtonian physics. Specifically, let’s look at the kinetic energy equation, which seems innocuous enough until you realize the implications…

E = ½mv²

Let’s look at some energies. For example, a walking person:

½ ⋅ 70 kg ⋅ (5 km/h)² ≈ 70 J

That same person standing in a moving train:

½ ⋅ 70 kg ⋅ (100 km/h)² ≈ 27000 J

That same person decided to stand up and get a drink or something:

½ ⋅ 70 kg ⋅ (100 km/h + 5 km/h)² ≈ 29800 J

The kinetic energy gained by that person:

29800 J - 27000 J = 2800 J

Experience tells us that it’s not 40 times more difficult to walk in a moving train than on the ground. So there are two options here:

  • Either NASA physics is fake and the Earth is most probably flat. But why would they keep this fact from us? Simple: flat world = no space = aliens don’t need FTL to reach us = UFOs are alien airplanes from beyond our 6 continents. And people who’ve seen them up close probably realize that we are completely defenseless. So NASA probably does this this to avoid mass panic.

    Tremulous should of course be set in the future where we can finally put up a decent fight.

  • These physics are true and you can actually create energy out of nothing by mentally adjusting your frame of reference, which is the basis of all magic. It’s probably impossible for most people to truly override their basic instincts to take real advantage of this law, and people who manage to do this keep the magic to themselves.

    This probably is not as groundbreaking as the previous option, but can certainly add some backstory behind e.g. telenodes and other “implausible” technologies.



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Don’t curse at me with the Earth is flat


Rip Antarctica


Press F to pay respects


While in Newtonian physics (and probably in any other mainstream physics off the top of my head), the conservation of energy is invariant with respect to the frame of reference, the specific values of the energies are not invariant with respect to the frame of reference. In other-words, for any given frame reference, the total energy in a closed system before any transfer(s)/transformation(s), would be the same as the total energy after in that closed system, but the specific values before and after would depend on your frame reference.

The same applies to momentum. Momentum is mass times velocity. If you are observing an object with mass in its frame of reference (that is the object on you are stationary relative to you), you would observe that that object has a momentum of 0. If you observed that object from another frame of reference where there is a relative speed between and that object, without doing anything to that object, you would then observe a non-zero momentum. What is important is that for any frame of reference, the total momentum of a closed system is the same before as after in any change inside that system.

Even velocities themselves have different values (with the exception of the speed of light in a vacuum) with respect the frame of reference, without actually changing the system.

Bottom line is if you want to work with values that depend on the frame of reference, pick one frame of reference and stick to it. Invariants (like total momentum, total energy, the speed of light in a vacuum, total charge, etc), however, do not depend on your frame reference, and affect the relationships between variants.

Tensor equations for example are invariant with changes in the coordinate system, while the specific value of the components of a tensor do vary with the coordinate system. You can find the values of the components of the tensors in one coordinate system, apply tensor coordinate system transformation, and get the values for the same tensors in another coordinate system.

He could have instead left out Australia, or Europe, or one of the other continents that don’t survive the flattening of the Earth in the future, or perhaps counting Europe and Asia as a single continent.

flattening of the Earth in the future

Hmm, I don’t remember saying that

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Another implication I’ve just realized: let’s say there’s a space rocket and it fires for a second. Under NASA “physics” if it fires while already travelling at high speed instead of starting off stationary, it’ll somehow get WAY more energy because of v², which seems rather unbe[color=#ff2222]lie[/color]vable to me… At least now I have a suspicion that this was invented to save face when NASA realized that the “solar system” is too huge to explore and collect supposed “proofs” under common-sense physics…

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I think we should just make trem like having buy and take drugs and talk to aliens and other outer dimensional creatures and experience wild hallucinations.
I think we should have plenty of maps that support this and it seems our userbase is already on that level.


What if when a human witnesses another human gib, the ungibbed human gets PTSD, and randomly gets flash backs to the gibbing for the rest of that human’s life until re-spawning?