Tyrants are too strong

A lot of people will refute any changes to the rant and perhaps even claim the class is balanced. This is likely due to elitism and the fact that people have had to deal with rants for so long they are used to rants overwhelming strength.

It’s the reason why if you buff a weapon or alien (flamer/adv mara) that is very rarely used people will very quickly jump on it being OP, it’s because they aren’t used to it. You notice this in many different games. With rant it’s the complete opposite.

You could actually change a lot to the rant, I’ve seen countless different suggestions, in almost all cases it would involve removing or nerfing part of it’s kit.

Personally I would like the rant to fit a tank role so I disagree with suggestions to reduce it’s HP.

I think the charge recovery rate is way too fast, it should be used for charging into the human base for disruption. Right now it’s the primary movement tool and is often used for escaping. Additionally a longer swipe delay would fit the class and role a lot more while making it more manageable (especially for non bsuits) to deal with. If subject to certain nerfs a cost reduction to 4 evos would be feasible, then at stage 3 you can decide if you want to tank/support (tyrant) or be damage (adv goon) while investing the same amount of evos.

The tyrant just does too much in it’s current state. It has the highest dps, the highest HP, the highest healing rate, a portable booster, insane ground mobility, all for a moderate cost (only 2 kills more than a stage 1 alien). There is rarely a decision where people think “Hm… would a rant benefit my team here? Do we need defence/tanking/initiation?” This is because the tyrant is just vastly superior to any other alien except in the uncommon cases where humans have an anti rant base and even then I have seen countless players still evolve tyrant because it is so efficient at defence and base trapping. Aliens are supposed to be the race that evolves for the situation and adapts quickly, yet because of the rants overwhelming power it is the go to alien in >80% of games. Even good players know the rant is extremely fucking strong and if you really want to win you will go tyrant, they may stay goon for practice or to prolong the game. When a human base invasion is imminent the automatic response is to rant up which I kinda like because it requires some thought and scouting on the aliens part, however a majority of players are blindly evolving rant because it’s so powerful.

One final point, the tyrant isn’t just powerful in the right hands or after it’s been mastered like a basi or mara. It’s the easiest and most faceroll class which just makes it even more frustrating to deal with.


I agree with @Ckit. Please at least consider this way.

Git gud…

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