[UPDATED] Unstoppable v2.1 and LBP Beta 1 by BillyRazOr

Unstoppable 2.1 and LBP Beta 1 is released! Hope you like it. :slight_smile:

[color=red]====Description for 2.1====[/color]

  • Fixed shader paths for scripts
  • Fixed other minor bugs

[color=red]====Description for LBP B1====[/color]

  • Modified unlimited to limited BPs from original version
  • Minor bugs fixed (same as 2.1)

Please replace it for stay updated in server and you can test it with playing LBP. Thx! :wink:

==>LBP = Limited Build Points<==

2.1: map-unstoppable_v2u1
LBP B1: map-unstoppable_lbp-b1


They’re looking good Billy :smiley: !

Unstoppable LBP Beta 1 (the limited bp version) is now available to play on the GrangerPub server. Both Unstoppable v2.1 (the unlimited bp version) and Unstoppable LBP Beta 1 are available to play on the GrangerClub server and on the test7341 server.

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I forgot to tell everyone. Last Saturday, when I testing LBP in test7341, the repeater’s BP is not working because it overlapped to regular BPs, so I’ll check it for that bug and will fix it. :wink:

If anyone have any problems or found some bugs, please comment it to this thread. I’ll help you to find out the best way! :slight_smile:

Haha! Thx for appreciate Sparky! :smiley:

That isn’t a bug, it really is a feature on the test7341 server currently (at least for the Swirl and Vanilla modes game modes of 1.3). Only gpp vanilla (Chocolate Game Mode in 1.3) gives different amounts of bp for each repeater as that is the bp zone system of gpp. The Swirl and Vanilla Game Modes don’t use bp zones.

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So that version is doesn’t need require for create repeater’s bp zone? And it’s really supported for all zones?

For the Swirl Game Mode and the Vanilla Game Mode, the main bp is shared with all the repeaters, and doesn’t have any bp zones. However, the Chocolate Game Mode (which is based on gpp vanilla) does have bp zones with the repeaters, and the settings you have for the repeater bp would work as you expect on the Chocolate Game Mode. So long story short, your bp settings on your map would behave a little differently in different game modes, but that is not an issue with your map.

WoW! That’s cool! :smiley:

Anyway, it’s that true about test7341 are these both versions for it? :confused:

where dem screenshots at boi :runner:

Three game modes are tested on the test7341 server:

  • Vanilla Game Mode (1.1 vanilla game play)

  • Chocolate Game Mode (gpp vanilla game play)

  • Swirl Game Mode (a new game play that has a mix of 1.1 vanilla, gpp vanilla, 1.1 mods, gpp mods, and new game play features)

Although Vanilla Game Mode and Swirl Game Mode are tested the most on the test7341 server.

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I totally agree your point. That because we are improving our mods and other cool stuffs for both 1.1 and GPP version, that’s why I think it should be become Tremulous 1.3 and will change everything! :slight_smile:

So, I’m getting TOO happy as your projects are really excited to us! :smiley:

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