[UPDATED] Unstoppable v4.2.2 by BillyRazOr

[center][color=red]Unstoppable[/color] [color=lred]v4.2.2[/color][/center]


[center]=> Updated new GrangerHub logo[/center]



[center]Please replace it for all servers to stay update. Thx! ;)[/center]



Oh the ponyfaggery

Looks better than the other version though, I still think aliens’ base is H biased as fuck just looking at it, literally 0 places to prevent anything from being hit by lucis

Bottom of A base looks wide enough to add some pillars in the middle, or pipes and shit, without blocking traffic - the crates are painful for the latter, rants must have to jump from the staircase or top to reach anything going beyond the crates

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Yup, The Little Pony :smiley:

At least goons will jump out and kill them if they camping. Rants is also can go up the stairs as I tested it.

On a side note, you should really do something about that green square grangerhub logo. Copypasta the shader from a grate in karith and fuck with it (make sure the background is totally black #000000)


textures/MAPNAME/TEXTURENAME { surfaceparm nonsolid { map textures/MAPNAME/TEXTURENAME.tga depthWrite alphaFunc GE128 } { map $lightmap blendfunc filter tcGen lightmap depthFunc equal } }

Use this TGA

This should be working. Avoid using PNG images for now as most 1.1 clients can’t read them properly.

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Okok. I’ll do my best. But I need other people for react about it for how are good or not, they will leave some suggestion or when I’m playing will tell me about problems. This is a mostly point.

(I don’t like who are writing those dirty words like “F” word will making my brain cry.)

You know, you don’t have to make a new thread for every little update you make to your map. You could just make one thread and post in it repeatedly whenever there’s a new update.

Yes, I am shaky as fuck.

Ok. So the crates as you need to put inside it, and the lights is you want to make adjustment? I can accept your suggestion. But the problem is, if there’s really want to do with this, why don’t you to test it first and make a suggestion so quickly?

By lucis MaeJong meant Lucifer Cannons.

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Hmmm… I think luci is not visible to alien base for shooting area, maybe those alien base will going move to ground floor.

Is that quite better?

Unstoppable Version 3 is now available to play on the GrangerPub server, the GrangerClub server, and the test7341 server.

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Yes this is better but still very exposed to human shotz.

Because it’s visible from screenshots.

Hmmm… So what’s your suggestion for covering alien base with crates?

And also that GHub logo is worked for me. :slight_smile:

I meant you should look into a more efficient way of providing good cover for aliens and their structures than crates especially if you’re just going to put 1 layer on the ground. 1 crate doesn’t block much sight but can block alien movements terribly.

There is a very wide choice of what you can use, pillars, pipes, hanging lights, ceiling supports, …

The most important is to player clip (or caulk, which has sensibly the same function aside from blocking bullets, but isn’t rendered) everything properly if you have more complex shapes.

Try to make building require a bit more creativity, I don’t know, make it funnier to build than just putting eggs in slots in the walls, trappers on the wall next to door, make people use their imaginations.


I think pillars or hanging lights is much better for me, but must check it out first for suitable locate.

But the problem is, radiant doesn’t stick to the wall for eggs, trappers etc., it will laying ground by default.

Up to you.

I mean, building in-game. And yes, that sucks.

Well, thanks for your great suggestion. :wink:

This will be available next update.

The windows allows to see inside the hall. Sorry for the picture with the console open


That’s a bug, I separated between normal textured and caulks without any glitches in radiant, but it still had able to see through inside places, I had no idea why it can made it… :confused:

You can press F11 to take screenshot without using console to type it and capture. Maybe it will render to PNG, not just JPEG.

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Oh, I know, I just had like a desala stroke that moment and took the picture the wrong way.

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