Void 2 - Deadly Dessert

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Hi! I finished a second edition of void. Since i did major changes to the map, i decided to release it as ‘number 2’. So the old version can be played parallel to this one.


  • major terrain / texture / light changes
  • both bases are redone
  • both bases have an emergency system. It can be activated by attacking a button in the com room. This system lasts 120 seconds and is basically just a forcefield that seals the whole base. It can only be activated once and will ignite a flare signal above the base.
  • push cannons added to reduce walk distances
  • water added
  • plants added
  • a crashed ship is now a ‘third’ base
  • added various models.
  • fireworks added (ignited at the end)

*edit: the windstorm sound can be controlled using the music settings in tremulous menu.


@yalt why is this file sharing service serving up an .exe? You can upload .zip and .pk3 into this post! :man_farmer:

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I got the pk3 from that link, I didn’t see a .exe, although I’m using no-script on my browser.

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Void 2 -Deadly Dessert is now available to play on the Unitremia, GrangerLab, GrangerPub, and GrangerClub servers! From initially exploring it on my own it looks very awesome. I haven’t noticed any issues so far. I’m really looking forward to seeing this map in action at tomorrow’s development games! That one time use emergency force-field looks like a nice touch. @yalt , I do have a couple of suggestions for if you make some improvements to this map, although these are non-essential suggestions.

It might be cool to turn this into a proper accessible walkway tunnel with a door at the end:

If this boat was to be a mover (I don’t know if it is), for extra effect it might be interesting to give it a bit of a bobbing motion in the water. In the 1.3 game play you can build on movers, and even buildable stacking works ok on movers (not to mention players can stand on buildable on movers without issue generally).


No. The bases have enough doors.

No. Because of Engine physics.


Sorry, that file is too big (maximum size is 320000kb). Why not upload your large file to a cloud sharing service, then paste the link?


I’m really liking this map in action, it’s officially one of my new favorites :slight_smile: . Although we only tested with small matches so far, it’s still a lot of fun, and I can see it being more fun with more players.

@yalt , regarding that suggestion I made in-game about having a drop ship land on the landing pad of the base that activates the emergency force-field, and then the players in that base can board the ship (perhaps that board tunnel thing that extend to the landing pad could open only when there is a ship there :)), and then the ship takes the occupants to another part of the map (perhaps there could be two other landing pads at remote parts of the map opposite to each other, so that the human and alien base each have their own drop ships, and own destination pads), the current code doesn’t support that? I’m thinking that the train code could make that happen. If the current code doesn’t support that fully do you know what it is lacking? I would definitely implement any required changes to make something like this work, if you want to do something like that void2 :slight_smile: .

I did make a bunch of improvements to the mover code which includes fixing that old annoying bug of players being instantly killed from touching each other while on/in a mover (so those blood baths on the tremship map dropship is no longer an issue, lol).


That might work but there is an obvious flaw in that idea. If the ship fly to a spacestation or something similar, players will do it at the start of the map to have an advantage over the other team. Why would you stay in the dessert when the final fight will be in space? Also, this idea will raise polycount and im not sure if the current count is too high or not…


The ship could just take its passengers to another part of the same desert, even just a lone landing pad (maybe generally out of view of most of the map, behind a high dune so that the high polies wouldn’t be as much of an issue at the ships’ final location). Before a base’s emergency alarm is activated, the ship could be outside of the map, and once activated approach from the sky to land. the higher number of polys then might only be an issue for that brief couple minute period the ship is on the base landing pad.


Yea but we have pushcannons to do exactly that. Also: the e-system seals the base to protect it. Escaping would defeat its purpose.


If the proposed two new drop ships landed on two seperate remote lone landing pads on diferent parts of the desert, the drop ships themselves could be used for a forward base, or even for a new main base location. Before a ship gets to said new pad, the two new pads are just lone pads (although I suppose humans could still build a base on an empty pad, but even for humans it would be helpful if they could build at least some of their base in the enclosed ship after it landed).

The emergency system does give the team a chance to rebuild in the default base, provided there are no serious threats that got sealed in the base, but if you could choose to use the escape ship, you could instead take that opportunity to move (or build a forward), or if there are enough players on the team, you could build both at the default, and at the new forward location the ship takes you to.

If this ship suggestion is implemented, from the default base it could be made so that you can only enter the landed ship through that tunnel thing, so you can’t enter the drop ship from the outside, but once the ship reaches its final location, it could have large back doors that open (and perhaps stay open at that point) as a second entrance/exit.

Another thing to consider is if neither team travels in a “rescue ship” from the corresponding default base, that rescue ship would still end up at it’s final parking spot at its corresponding remote pad, and it can be available to either team to take advantage of as a base location at that point, if they so choose.