*<{ vs FK (WIN)(1-0-1)

We played a good game against FK, good job boys.
Map was Atcs
Won on Humans
Tied on Aliens
Forgot to screeenie the end of the games.

Hero was extraordinarily mad.

your title reads (WIN) 1 win and 1 loss how is that a victory

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That’s not a win by any definition of the word. That’s a tie at best.

I’ll give you an example of a “win”: Clan vs. Clan (Win) (2-0-0).


Might be a good idea to post the line ups along with the WLT, map as well. At least make it look like you’re not just trying to get a reaction out of someone.


Maybe I am :slight_smile:
Its a win and a tie, A loss would be 1-0-1. Lol


I was only present for two rounds.

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Lol. nice try bubba. We won fair and square,QQ harder plez.

From screencaps it looks more like a FK win… TL+FK win kek

Although you usually need 2 wins to win scrimcram


Those Fk names.


I can’t decide

They’re both shit, so yeah it is a tough choice.


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Btw, traditionally it goes

W | L | T

Learn how to keep a score sheet before posting something this moronic.

Hell yes.[quote=“Shuffle, post:10, topic:1865”]
They’re both shit, so yeah it is a tough choice.


Fight me.

Im not addicted winning scrims so I wouldn’t know. My bad.



Fake and gay

Was a win for Hat clan then a tie. Hero uploaded this screenie for trollz.