Was there ever another GrangerPub before?

Something interesting happened on #tremulous:

06:04 -!- emre-pason [~edemirors@] has joined #tremulous
06:04 < emre-pason> anyone still play?
06:09 < WoGoMo> yes
06:09 < WoGoMo> the most active server right now is GrangerPub
06:09 < emre-pason> woah, I remember grangerpub
06:09 < emre-pason> still alive eh
06:09 < WoGoMo> u remember?
06:10 < emre-pason> i played 3-4 years ago
06:10 < WoGoMo> it’s actually the AA2 server crowd
06:10 < WoGoMo> im not sure if there was a grangerpub 3-4 years ago
06:10 < WoGoMo> 8D
06:11 < WoGoMo> AA2 closed down, and now GrangerPub has taken its place… but this GrangerPub is a new server

emre-pason must be from the future! 3-4 years from now he will be sent back to our time.


A week or so after we GrangerPub was online, I heard from someone that there used to be a 1.1 player called grangerpub.


Maybe he was thinking of beer garden? It used to be a really popular server.

Yes. Even I played on it on the days where there were waay more than 2000 players at one time on tremulous overall. Back then I didn’t even know what ping was! Tremulous was in fact my first FPS game. I did however play a 3D multiplayer version of sonic (can’t remember the name), Supreme Snowboarding, V-rally2 and a few other cereal box games on my father’s laptop or my Windows ME desktop that literally had a 1.4 GB hard drive for applications and a 2GB hard drive dedicated to the operating system and utilities.


Actually by playback machine, we need check master.tremulous.net, maybey really 3-5 years ago Trem have server withy same name xD

5 years ago or so I think there was a server that had granger arena battles I can’t remember anything that involved a server with grangerpub in it. Perhaps he was just imagining things

OMG yes please. I want to see a small mod dedicated to just this- where granger fights are arranged and other players place bets on who’ll win.

I think I still have the map if you want it. I just checked, it’s made by emperor jack. I didn’t know he made maps as far back as then

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As far as I can remember I don’t think there ever was a GrangerPub on trem

Probably something involving grangers in its name, but not accurately the same

I believe I can remember servers having either “pub” or granger" but never both.

there was a server with pub in the name but i cant remember what it was called, cause it was like 5-6 years ago