What happened to the Trem main site/forums?

I remembered this game when I saw some tremfusion files on an old usb, and went to go download the game since I don’t have any of the original files to actually run the game. The old website is gone, and this forum here is the only tremulous related forum I could find. I’m assuming they just shut down the website and the forum site that (I vaguely remember) was part of the site, but don’t know, hence why I’m asking. Are any of the servers for 1.1 still up? Or what’s going on these days (if anything)?

P.S.: I’m not sure if I’m stupid, but I can’t post in the Tremulous forum directly, I can only choose Trem/bugs or Trem/EvilGeniousThinkTank.

Howdy @AnOldBean , they’ve had some issues with the old tremulous.net recently, and are using a placeholder landing page until it is fixed up more. There are still servers up, and there are still matches. Generally every Saturday GrangerHub has development games on either the GrangerLab server or on the Unitremia server. You are welcome to stop by the dev games if you are available then.

I recommend GrangerHub’s 1.3 client (which gives you access to all trem servers, including 1.1, gpp, and 1.3). You can download that client here:

As a side note, we at GrangerHub are mainly focusing on developing a new game based on Tremulous as a starting point, and using @TheDushan 's OpenWolf engine. This new game is called Stellar Prey. We are making a lot of progress on it, and will be posting updates about it here on the forums shortly.