What will be the system requirements for running Tremulous 1.3?

Guys i have a cuestion for tremulous 1.3. ¿What requeriments you need for run it?

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When we have the initial release, we will prepare builds for various Linux distros, for Mac, and for various versions of Microsoft Windows (perhaps also a version for FreeBSD). Regarding hardware requirements, if you can play any old version of Trem on your computer, you can play 1.3 on your computer. Some older computers might not support the new OpenGL2 renderer, however the old renderer will still be included in 1.3, and you can switch between both using a cvar.

I ran blowfish’s client on my Intel Baytrail Windows 10 tablet which is literally a 2004-tier mobile tablet PC which runs on 3 watts @ 1.33 GHz. It ran at like 40-60FPS, dropping to as low as 32 during heavy firefights and turret spam. Thats a decent estimate of what the Trem 1.3 client might be.

Basically if its built within the last 8 years, it’ll run Tremulous 1.3. For the bells and whistles though? Something like a low-end “Gaming” rig will do fine.

Tremulous 1.3 seems more like it’s updating to modern libraries and fixing alot of the old problems the 1.1 client had since 2006 than being a Unreal 4 tech demo.


This actually helped a lot, I operate off of a 2008 HP laptop. I’m hoping for steady 60 FPS at least :grin:

That was my framerate @ 1280x800 so as long as you don’t plan to run tremulous at 4K with 16xSSAA you should be hitting 60fps. :wink:

[quote=“dGr8LookinSparky, post:2, topic:1975, full:true”]Some older computers might not support the new OpenGL2 renderer, however the old renderer will still be included in 1.3, and you can switch between both using a cvar.

Are you making any changes to the menu UI? You should put a switch for the cvar in the options menu, or most people will not find the new feature.


Yes, an overhaul of the menus is planned.

Sure, but its easier to just turn it on by default, and figure out how to turn it off :slight_smile:

Or just not ship the opengl1 renderer and take away the cvar entirely. With everything disabled, the opengl2 renderer probably runs faster anyway.

There is a concern that some older computers of some current players might not be compatible with the OpenGL2 renderer, but I guess we will find out when we have a pre-release client ready for public testing.

I doubt they vary much from the original 1.1 requirements. The new render adds some more demanding features with nicer lighting/shadowing but I think the improved compatibility of the render (so I have heard) should cancel that out.

If you can’t meet the recommended specs above, I highly suggest you upgrade your PC. 2GB of ram and a 2 core cpu were mid range over 10 years ago. The intel integrated graphics chip (4000) featured in most modern laptops probably competes with the GT 230 they recommend here.

Source for image, also has a “can I run it” feature which scans your hardware non intrusively and compares it with the required settings.

Assuming you have basic levels of ram and a decent CPU, your GPU is the most important piece of hardware when it comes to gaming. The prices for GPU increases exponentially as you go further up the hierarchy list, you can get a mid-high end card that runs almost every new game (albeit on medium settings) for under 100 dollars.


The new AMD RX480 for $200USD is going to be killer in price/performance. Even if your pair it with a bottlenecked Q6600 from 2008 (like me) its going to open up alot more potential for gaming than you would otherwise.