Why am I playing this again?

Hello people! So this is where the cool kids hang out these days I guess. Came back to trem just a day ago. Some people may know me from back in the days but I’ll keep my identity secret for the moment hehe. I used to be a higher admin on ITW and AA but apparently those closed since. Thatll be your only clue :}

See y’all’s asses in game.


Welcome back to Tremulous, and welcome to GrangerHub @baslickbob :smiley: !

Welcome back man

Welcome Bob!

Actually this is where people in their 30s with zero affinity for gaming, waste their time and money.



Welcome ^^, I wish you the best time with the best community ever!



i remember a bob from rcz dunno if u or not

this game is for nerds

ur a nerd

thats why ur here

Welcome Bob.

Welcome back Bob!