Why has GrangerClub been so active over the past several days, and played like it is GrangerPub?

Why has GrangerClub been so active over the past several days, and played like it is GrangerPub?

Well COZ IT FUN :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been wondering the same thing

  1. Scrim starts
  2. People go play/spectate the scrim
  3. More people go to spec the scrim than are on pub server
  4. Scrim ends, people start to play on club
  5. Pub matches start on club
  6. People leave pub to play on club
  7. Nobody on pub, everyone on club
  8. Nobody goes to pub because everyone is on club


  1. Give each clan leader and some trusted clan members L3 (scrim commands) and keep the teams permanently locked.
  2. Add more maps to the pub server
  3. Make the rotation on pub server more similar to that on club

mm, i suggest Sunphantom for L3 there, he good guy…

Yeah, btw check tremserver.com/base there MILLION BILLIONS TRILLIONS MAPS!


He already has admin there. Anyone with admin on Pub has a corresponding level on Club.

:blush: i think same, we need permalock teams there, and make on pub same rotation

Club has had better collection of maps. So small group goes to play a specific map, then more people join, and then they just stay there for the next 10 atcs in rotation.

I say club should have like a password. lol

A good idea from Spamo?

This could actually work. Although, I like the idea of having spectators and allowing clanless players to get into the scrim scene.

while a good idea and a possible option. I still feel having the server autolock the teams would be a better route, this way people could still spectate as you said.

It is also good to allow players who may not be in any clans to participate in pugs like yesterday.

Give trusted players L3 admin - don’t make them apply for it. Clan leaders/trusted clan members should be allowed to have admin levels to play maps.

Fix the auto-lock on the server, so that !restart ktl/stl actually locks the team.

Keep the teams permanently locked, meaning the only people who can unlock are people with L3+. Maybe have the teams unlock after a few hours (4?).

Increase the number of maps on Pub server.


Uh oh

All have been said by Mister Shuffle & Spamo, put a password on Club, change rotation on Pub (create a POLL on this site askin people what map they want to play on pub).