App withdrawn. Reason I am getting irritated by bird’s dumb questions. He knows me from AA server where I had level 4 and I think that I did a pretty good job there because I was asked to become headadmin and solve some trouble between the 12 year old admins. I refused. You can read bird’s admin app if you want to know what happend next.

I seen you ingame as player Stranger. I never seen player Stranger do any intervention ingame.
I done more of those administrative duties that you are talking about with my level 1 than you with idgaf what level you are.

You never backed me up then, so I dont expect you to back me up when I have a higher level. App withdrawn.

Good luck.

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Good luck GPF, and I’ll vouch for you :slight_smile: .

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good luck :smile:

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I’ll vouch for this sexy guy from Holland!

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Thanks :joy:

Thank you very much ! I will try to make you proud.

Thank you :grinning:

Thanks Khione,

I will try to keep this thread readable so here is a big THANK YOU for all of you who support my app :joy:

Hi GPF, good luck on your application.

I have one question. Why is it you dislike being an admin?

I am talking in regards to this.

Does something else take precedence over providing the safety and fun to other players?

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Example: kickvote called coz TK.
I open console and do: “/grep teammate” … see only 1 TK and !cancelvote. In the mean time, I get killed by enemy team. I go spec the person who TK-ed and see he gets bleeded constantly by the person who called the kickvote.
After politely asking to stop bleeding and TK, at least one 12 year old starts calling me names and tries trolling me. Sometimes even with the support of other admins (not because the 12 year old is right but because they are either afraid of him or want to keep him as a friend for other reasons).
I really dont enjoy shit like that.

Nor do I enjoy admins calling draw votes at the moment their team is loosing hard. If I have !listplayers and when I see an admin doing something like that, I will do anything in my power to get him/her demoted. I have plenty of free time and I dont give a fuck about that persons feelings to me.

My own fun. If situations like I described above happen to often, I will go to an other server where I can fully enjoy trem without all that admin shit.

I hope this answers your question. If not, feel free to ask again.

I’m assuming you were trying to say that you don’t like when they call draw votes and passvote them. I can assure you no admin in Grangerhub’s current employment would passvote a draw vote. Now if you’re merely just saying you don’t like admins who /callvote draw and you want to get them demoted, that’s wrong. That shouldn’t be something you strive to do. A simple f2 will be sufficient in the representation of your disagreeing with them.

But being an admin assumes the necessity of using admin commands or social intervention. You can’t be an admin and expect to be a normal player. Administrative duty takes precedence over your own fun, I don’t like it either, but it’s something you must stick by.

Consider however: he’s applying for admin, despite not liking the job as he described, because he was asked to. Applications like this are a personal choice; he could perfectly easily have said no and left it at that. And he isn’t the sort to turn troll either. If we give him admin he will (at least partially) do admin duties on the server.
My thoughts anyway, on reading this thread.

– rlb

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I gave you a normal reply but it would probably not have satisfied you. So I removed it. App withdrawn.

I agree, it can also be annoying if someone calls an admit defeat vote while you are in the middle of combat, and still want to go for a win, even though it is very challenging to do so. We will be implementing voting enhancements at some point that would address situations like those.

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Enhancement could be: a longer waiting time between 2 votes.

That would be one of them, another one is that players who are playing in the game and don’t vote would count as no votes (for team votes like admit defeat, abstain votes that count as no votes would be limited to players on your own team, and would not include players on the other team of course) .

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few minutes ago: Sald calling Kenny an idiot, both in alien team. I didnt interfere coz I was still a bit pissed off about this admin app shit and you in spec team. Didnt see you do any of your so called admin duties.

Later, Sald TK Kenny.
You said you see TK while you in spec team. I thought you would interfere coz you said something like ‘good thing I am in spec team’. Didnt see any intervention.
I tried to PM Kenny after the human rush was finished but Kenny left. (PM was: want me to call a kickvote against Sald (we probably loose without him but no problem).

I didnt want to stay with Sald in team so I joined spec team. PM-ed you about the TK. You replied: LOL.

I am so happy that I withdrawn my app even before that. Telling me about admin duties, fuck off !

Ps. yes, Kenny came back later but that has nothing to do with it so pls dont use it as an argument.

Newbies dont know how to vote. Many many players have a bound F1 to both vote yes and teamvote yes. And will tell newbie to press F1/2 when teamvotes default to F3/4.

Coz of this bind, the following happens:
/callvote kick -r good reason
quickly presses bind /callteamvote admitdefeat.

Imho its better not to have a teamvote and an other vote at the same time coz many many people have those binds.

!spec999 made players that are 999 loose their evos/credits. I dont think that’s fair. No idea what happens to evos/credits after a succesfull /callvote spec.

Imho specteam should not be able to vote a draw. Reason they arent part of the game at that moment.

Wow EVERYONE CALM DOWN!, @GPF if you want withdraw your app, you can is your decision :slight_smile: and we sorry about the situation here. Thanks for app, if you want to re-app, sure, you always be welcome here :smile:

your sincerely