Working on new sounds for Tremulous 1.3

I learnt Tremulous started being develeopped again, and tried learning more about 1.3
I also heard there were some sounds needed, and thought it would be funny to make some sounds for the game.

Github repository

I went on test server and the new sounds I heard were for the most part totally crappy to me or out of context, except to the ones for jetpack (that can still be enhanced).

I think I’m gonna start working on humans, which are basically to me the easiest sounds to make.
I have some experiments for turrets and remixes of weapons.
Planned after that : a proper “turning” sound for turrets, “Our base is under attack” announcers

I would need ideas for a sound at the beginning of a round (“Fight” is out of context). It could be a voice or a sound effect, and if you have an idea for both teams, it would be even better.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Perhaps a mechanical (heavy bass) clock noise, ticking 3 times (The third tick would be the heaviest) before the round starts? It’s a good way to wake everyone up to the start of a new round. It doesn’t particularly make contextual sense, but I think Tremulous is a game that favors function over form.


Welcome to GrangerHub’s forums @Obani :smiley: ! I look forward to hearing your work!

We have relatively recently opened up an assets repo on GrangerHub Forum - Tremulous Forums .

Another sound that needs a more fitting replacement that I would like to specifically point out is the sound that currently announces votes that are called. The current one we are using is a gong and a flute (come to think of it, that vote sound and the fight sound would be more fitting in a mortal combat type of game :wink: ).

Also, if you haven’t already, you might want to check out this related topic about sound replacements: GrangerHub Forum - Tremulous Forums .


And I think you’re wrong on that point, Tremulous has a powerful spirit, and when it comes to basis sounds, they are great on that point. The game is logic in its universe, it just doesn’t have high quality assets (I mean HD and 44100Hz). I was more thinking about a sfx noticing clearly that humans and aliens are transfered to the base, a bit like being launched on the battlefield.

@dGr8LookinSparky : I agree on your point and might think about something other, but I don’t have any real idea for now. I think I’ll open it in a maybe strange way :

  1. I’ll post all sounds I made regarding this, and maybe more.
  2. Then, you’ll have to make an issue if you want me to add them to aaa-assets, and I’ll make a Pull Request.

P.S : My Github
P.P.S : All sounds will be released under CC-BY-SA 4.0
P.P.P.S : You can contact me on IRC [ ##xserverx #tremulous ]

Cya :sunny:


Sounds like a good plan :slight_smile: .

As a side note (in case I forget to mention it), regarding the vote sound, There are 3 general requirements:

  1. It needs to fit in with Tremulous.
  2. It needs to not be annoying after hearing it a million times.
  3. It needs to be noticeable and distinguishable (as that is its main function, to get attention when a vote is called).

I think that points 1 and 2 would also apply to all of the Tremulous sounds. Point 3 can apply to many other Tremulous sounds, like the different chat sounds for example.

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@dGr8LookinSparky : Ur 2 slo, I already made one :slight_smile:
I’m thinking about some sounds for vote_failed and vote_succeeded but can’t make good things about it.

Repository now online \o/
Check the first post for the link :slight_smile:


that is an ill-advized design goal, because in „half” of the cases, vote-like functionality should be non-intrusive of sustained focus on gameplay (or spectation).

ideally, a prompt should only be intrusive when settling a debate is urgent, which is nominally only when a kick vote is called for wholegame-disrupting abuse (eg. a malicious decon — will likely need to rewind to an earlier state in the game); in all other cases (including when a kick vote is called for abuse that is not wholegame-disrupting (eg. 1 general, malicious teamkill)), there should be a supportively extensive time-window for a „moment of availability” to come, for every player, notably during sustained focus on gameplay.

following this logic, there should be no such things as nextmap and mute votes, which r of advertizing nature; instead, such should be incorporated into /suggest.

nextmap votes should ultimately be finalized at intermission (with the ability to add candidates, and vote, and change your vote via a vote menu up to the final chance to vote at the intermission). So in the case of such a nextmap vote. So once such a feature is implemented, the adding of nextmap candidates during a match would not require as much notice as the current nextmap votes.

Regarding mute votes, even once /suggest ignore is implemented, there would still be certain need for mute votes (such as ghosting, excessive flooding of the chat, etc), which can have major negative impacts on the match, but also wrongful mutes can have a negative impact on the match, in terms of team communication, not to mention potentially resulting in a negative atmosphere. So it would be important to get notification of such a vote.

A wrongful kick vote of any kind can have a negative impact on the player being kicked, as well as on the whole match if that player was contributing in a positive way towards that match. Thus why such a vote should be noticeable.

Examples of other kinds of votes that require sufficient notice:

  • Map restarts
  • Draw votes
  • Change map votes (perhaps should be removed, as draw votes combined with next map has the same overal functionality)
  • Admit defeat votes
  • Force spec votes
  • Deny build votes
  • Unmute & Un-deny build votes

Something else that all those votes have in common is that in the current implementation, from the time of notice, to the time of completion, the voting is open for a maximum of 30 seconds, which in itself creates an urgency (As if you are not given sufficient notice, it can be easy to completely miss such votes).

I would say that the only current kind of vote that doesn’t require “extra ensured notice” are poll votes (which might be better done in a vote menu that could be open through the duration of the match).

Couldn’t a vote sound be done in such a way where when occuring, players would definitely notice it and tell that a vote has been occurred, while not being distracting from the gameplay (nor spectation)? Such a balance is what would be ideal. Consider how the chat sounds are done. You can tell that someone has submitted a chat specifically as general chat as well as specifically as team chat, when such chats occur, yet those sounds don’t distract from the gameplay (nor spectation).

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Some new sounds were added on test server. I’m making a list of what is there, what is my work and what is the work of those who have access to the code (to do) :

TBR = To Be Reworked (my work)
TBD = To Be Debugged (dev work)

  • medistat : destroy1
  • mgturret : attack1 (just a little remaster), destroy1 (TBR ?), destroy2 (TBR ?), spinup (TBD)
  • reactor : construct1 (TBR ?), destroy1, destroyed
  • telenode : destroy1 (TBR ?)
  • teleporter : teleport (TBD => needs to be added)
  • voting : voting (TBD), vote_failed (TBD), callvote (need to change the name)
  • basilik : taunt

Well, that’s all the news for now, gotta go and shave my neck. This has been zeber neck, coming straight from the north pole, Ptrrrr


Actually if the political situation turns out to stay as it is now I should maybe just take my sounds and go work with Unvanquished. I can’t make it run on my computer for now but at least the developping community is real :slight_smile: