GHub Olympian Registry [SCRIMS]

GrangerHub Olympian registry is now underway. If you are interested in participating in a series of competitive matches with teammates in your timezone then please register below with your:

  • In-game Name
  • Clan Affilation if Any
  • Timezone
  • Country
  • Preffered time of play

This way we can properly group participants and start to build a skeleton as to who plays who based on timezone differences.

This competition will be hosted on GrangerClub Scrim Server at a currently unspecified date and time.

You will compete in “scrimmages” alongside players in your country or timezone against players from other countries/timezones. The winner may or may not receive an unspecified prize for their victory, however as always you will earn bragging rights and elite status propelling your timezone to a more respectable position.


  • Clans will be split up based on location and timezone.
  • Teams can choose to elect a team leader.
  • Voice comms are allowed and welcomed, however Ghub will NOT provide a vocal medium for any team.
  • You are expected to play under the name you registered with to avoid confusion, clan tags can be used alongside said name but don’t have to be included in the registration.

Map Selection

Avarthar, SUN, and I will choose a pool of viable scrim maps to play on after all of the participants are registered and teams have been sorted. Map choice and priority will be figured out at a later time. Thank you.

Without further ado here is my registration:

  • IGN: Sosa
  • Clan Affilation: Foreign Killers
  • Timezone: EST or UTC - 5
  • Country: USA
  • Preferred Time of Play: I can play on any date at any time in the foreseeable future.

Thanks and good luck.


(Any comments, questions, or concerns can be directed towards myself, Avarthar, or SUN)


IGN: Ckit
Clan Affiliation: Foreign Killers
Time-zone: UTC +0 / GMT +0
Country: United Kingdom
Preferred time of play: Any date, 12:00-00:00

The UK team plans to use names of famous British heads.

The teamspeak server is now up! :smiley: I talked to bird earlier and he gave me authorization to open it.
The ip:
the pass: ghub

I finally got the teamspeak up.

IGN: CurryIndian
Timezone: Brazil
Country: Ukraine
Preferred time of play: all day homie


Edit: Clan affiliation: Fart knockers

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In-game Name: Shuffle.
Clan Affilation if Any: hiv masterrace
Timezone: GMT/UTC
Country: UK
Preffered Preferred time of play: 10:00-1:00 (10am-1am)

I am Lord Nelson. Team UK will ride the waves to victory.

  • In-game Name: [color=#0000FF]*[/color][color=white]<[/color][color=#0000FF]{[/color][color=#FF0000]d[/color][color=#00FF00]Gr8Lookin[/color][color=#0000FF]Sparky[/color]
  • Clan Affilation: Christmas Hats, aka Xmas Hats, aka Hats aka *<{
  • Timezone: UTC -5 (Eastern Standard Time)
  • Country: United States of America
  • Preferred time of play: generally after 6:00 pm, I’ll do my best to be available at practices and at the events.

In-game Name: Ninja
Clan Affilation if Any: None yet
Timezone: UTC-5
Preffered time of play: 10 am to 2 pm

Side Question, are we teaming up as clans or as countries?

Countries and/or geographic regions

Countries / Timezones (Obviously America would ideally be split up into at least 2 but preferably 3 timezones - West, East, Mid).

If clan members are within your same timezone and you are grouped with them then it looks like you got lucky.

The olympics are open to everyone! Get as much as your friend as you want!
You can also start preparing yourself. We will have a Teamspeak at your disposal soon enough.
I’m working with Cron to get something up for you :wink: (Thanks cron)
So Make sure to practice before the olympics. Prepare for anything. Because Anything can happen to the best olympics ever!

There are 4 timezone that consist of the contiguous 48 continental US States. Then there are the State of Alaska, the State of Hawaii, and other US territories.

No one from Hawaii or Alaska plays Tremulous, and Mountain time and midwest time would be grouped together.

Not at all relevant.

I know first hand that is definitely not true for at least one of those States.

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In that case have them register.

Sparky I record a lot of things, I’d know if there was an Alaskan or a Hawaiian on our server by now.

Apparently not :wink:

This thread has digressed in the wrong direction.

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In-game Name: Hobbit as my main name, many other Alias can Include Starwas Chars. Songs etc.
Clan Affilation if Any: {$} PMW.
Timezone GMT/UTC
Country: UK
Preffered time of play: 7pm-1am UK time.

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In-game Name: TORRENTE
Clan Affilation if Any: NoS
Timezone: UTC+1
Country: Spain
Preffered time of play: 10:00-00:30 (10am-00.30am)