Ideas for GrangerHub

i have ideas for GH servers:

  • Run EU GrangerPub server (some pplz have bad ping on pub, coz he EU…so…)
  • Run modded servers example GrangerHub server with koRx…RCZ, R third team CZ :smiley:
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Both of these would split the population up even further. I vote no.

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So you again’st Any New grangerhub projects /ideas?

so also u agains’t tremdroid hd as grangerhub project?

No. I am opposed to creating any more GH servers as this will divide the population too much.

So you agains’t TremDroid HD, because it was gonna be server GPP what have officially support by GH (like repo for pk3s in gh…and etc)… (what should replace new edge)

btw GrangerHub already have another servers like Cuboid, Botscamp…and soon (mb in next year) TremDroid HD as EDGE based mod…so this have nothing to you, coz GrangerHub isn’t GrangerPub/Club only…anyway my mod is GPP, and noone who love 1.1, wont play there…so domnt worry

In order for the Tremulous community to grow, we have to think in terms of growth and plan for it. Tremulous needs to have enough players to have dozens of simultaneously highly active servers.

All Tremulous servers should be multiprotocol (hopefully the other server owners would begin to upgrade when GrangerHub has it’s initial release of the new Tremulous). In addition, there needs to be plenty of modded multiprotocol servers. Variety is essential.

With that being said, at this time GrangerHub’s primary focus is on having a quality initial release of the new Tremulous, and a quality launch of the website both as soon as possible. At that time GrangerHub will definitely look into hosting more servers at more locations with various mods, and hopefully more server owners from around the community will do the same.

But until the release/launch, a second GrangerPub server doesn’t seem practical, however, we might look into an EU GrangerClub server.

Did current club server is EU? i there have bad ping like US

The current GrangerClub server is located in New York City.


anyway…i think we should have modded servers like TremDroid HD (Gpp) and koRx (1.1)…
who love vanilia, anyway still play on pub/club…

They should be multiprotocol, I don’t see any point in GrangerHub hosting any more servers that isn’t multiprotocol.

well when multiprotocol is realesed, TDHD is begin for multiprotocol :stuck_out_tongue:

S00N™, on a Thursday.

Honestly you should probably set up a poll, i feel like eu players outnumber us players, it’s pretty stupid to have the server set up in the us when more players will have better pings when the server’s in the eu. I understand that the owner and a lot of the high level admins are from the us, and that you wouldn’t want to see your good ping go, i understand that, but if you want the game to grow you should maybe give the majority the better ping. Again, i might be wrong about there being more eu players, feel free to correct me.

If you about TDHD, he probaly gonna be hosted in EU, ofc if i find free vps…if no , i host server on my pc

Also you right, here more that 60% have shit ping, and probaly he live on EU…well shuffle agains’t any new servers…

But as fact we need EU server…

It’s not a fact that we need EU servers. I am from the EU and I am opposed to creating any new servers, as of right now. We don’t have the playerbase to support 2 servers, as of right now.

Look at X server a few years ago (when there were 10x the numbers of players than now) - they opened a new X server in the EU (X Gold, for those who are interested), and it rarely had more than 5 people on, while main X server had over 20 most of the day.

It was a waste of resources - the main server remained full while the other was empty almost all the time.

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I think US east is an okay-ish compromise. It’s either that or EU west, both alternatives will piss off a large group of people. Does anyone know if Iceland is a viable alternative? That might be the only better option as long as we’re keeping one server.

Iceland would be awful for anyone not in the EU or North America.

Servers located in East Coast US and Eu west are already terrible for anyone not living there, i don’t see the problem.
I also wasn’t talking about splitting the community into two servers, i’ve had first hand experience with this failing. I was talking however, about closing down us server and moving to Eu, if more people have a better ping at eu i can’t see a reason to stay at US east other than: Admins and owner are located there. Because i don’t know, but have a strong feeling that more people might have a better ping at eu, i’d like to see a poll set up to see which one everyone prefers.

The problem with that is that we have a lot of players from South America playing the game, too. Having the server on East Coast US is good for any NA players, and acceptable for any SA players, as well as EU players. As there are many players from South America, a move to EU would screw them over completely, and do it for very little benefit. (I speak as someone who is from the EU - 50-70 ping less would improve it, but I still have less than 100ping from where I live, and it’s completely playable).