Ima gets admin powarz or else

/dev/humancontroller; i don’t recall registering it yet, but, if u prefer, i can ssh into the server machine, and input the

setlevel /dev/humancontroller 9

command into the game server’s console.

i don’t have a well-defined availability schedule, if that’s what u mean. i rarely play.

to enlarge mah e-penis.

i’ve been the lead operator of the Amsterdam Unlimited server for many years.

  • is immune to trolling.
  • has skills of logic and reasoning, combined with a decent understanding of law, sociology and psychology.
    • able to devise reasonable rules.
  • is consistent and persistent regarding admin actions.
  • consults with others regarding each important action.
  • entertains/trolls others.

the GrangerHub crew; eg., dGr8LookinSparky, WoGoMo, and maybe some DICKBUTTs.

I agree DevHC’s applyng, he pretty cool guy, but 9 lvl…very big, how about 6 or 7?

btw :smiley: here cmds should be start as !, so if some in rcon do setlevel you, he got unknown cmd setlevel xD

so i agree !setlevel /dev/humancontroller. but not 9, xDDDD

• Why do you want admin on GrangerPub:
to enlarge mah e-penis.[/quote]

Perfect answer

How about we discuss this in the super secret GrangerPub admin section when DevHC’s poll is setup?

pretty good idea, but i suggest devhc start with lowwer lvfl, coz ppl dont know him, and if fast gim 9 lvl = this in other look gonna weired :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway Spark ofc do discuss :stuck_out_tongue:

Passed, obviously.