About GrangerPub admin applications & format

Hello fellow applicants.

You may not apply on behalf of someone else, or ask someone else to apply on behalf of you. Exceptions may be considered if a private message is sent to L9+ admins, explaining why you are unable to create a forum account.

If you are not already generally known by the GrangerPub admin team, it would be greatly helpful for the consideration of your application, if before you submit your application, you took some time to introduce yourself to the admins and allowed them the opportunity to get to know you. The current GrangerPub admins are listed in the second post on this topic.

Please copy and paste the following questions in a new thread and answer them.
Your application will then be under review for some time, or until most of the admins have given their opinion.

But keep in mind that the higher the level you ask for, the more complete and convincing your application has to be.

• Who are you known as in-game, and what is your registered name on the server:

• What is your timezone/What time do you play tremulous and how often:

• Why do you want admin on GrangerPub:

• What is your past admining experience:

• What do you think are the most important qualities as an admin:

• Are any level 6+ admins willing to vouch for you (Can be left blank):

Please note that,

By applying you have read and agree to abide by the server rules, admin guidelines, and the code of conduct.
It may take up to 1-2 weeks before you get the results for your app. Be patient.
Your application may or may not pass.
If your application passes, the admin level you will be given may not be the one desired.
If your application is denied, you must wait a minimum of 30 days before applying again. You should ask admins what you can do to have a better chance to succeed if reapplying later. Re-application during the waiting period will result in an immediate denial.
Demotion can and will happen if you break the admin/server rules.
Any and all comments on apps may be freely deleted by staff.

Good luck.

Here is a reminder of the levels, admins and what they do (pub server).
Some levels, even though similar in rights, are there to establish hierarchy.

Level 2 (a.k.a. Under Hovel Protection):

This is basically a level 1, with vote immunity.

Level 3 (a.k.a. Hovelkeeper)

Gets warn, mute, allready, cancelvote, denybuild.

• *Admins: Cerkitz

Level 4 (a.k.a. Granger Brethren)

Gets full listplayers. Can buildlog & revert, pause, kick, rename and spec999.

Admins: MosinNagant, Burrito, Hendrich, Jaroth, Sunphantom, TML, Aer, BillyRazOr, Zodiac, Dracone, AppleZ, MachineMedic, Pro Noob, Rhez, Face, Elite, Tofurkey, KidMan

Level 5 (a.k.a. Hovel Informant):

Has access to admin chat and sees team chats. Gets ban commands, putteam (forcespec), namelog.

Admins: Silver, Legit, cleanharry, Veen, Rlb, blowFish, Breakz, Avarthar, Torrente, Dracone, Aim, Sir|Ghost, Oblivion

Level 6 (a.k.a. Spit Fanatic):

Very similar to level 5. Can perm ban.

Admins: Taylor, Khione, HDMI, newb, Sonic, Evoker, Dark, MetaStaze, Blizz

Level 7 (a.k.a. Hovel GlitchMaster):

Doesn’t need a reason to ban (Better to have one, though.) Can lock, passvote, designate, denyweapon.

Admins: Hero, SUN, Effect, Craze, ssingh9, HelperBot

Level 8 (a.k.a. Granger Secret Police):

• Admins: Kreative

Level hidden from listplayers. Can subnet. Has adminlog, invisible, next/map/restart & cp.

Level 9 (a.k.a. Lord of the Hovels)

The head admins. They have pretty much everything.

• *Admins: ViruS, Woodbury

** Level 10 (a.k.a Server Owner)

Server Owners, they own the servers.

Admins: Cron (aka romdos), dGr8LookinSparky

Admins reserve the right to remove any comment from an application for any or no reason.

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