Map release: Nova

Matth: “One of my favorite gloom q2 was a map called gloom5. It reminds me of the movie Aliens where marines arrive at a lost colony and have to fight aliens. This remake just shows my respect and appreciation of this wonderful peace of game art. Have fun!”


TITLE : Nova - Reinforcements at Base Nova
FILENAME : map-nova_1.X.pk3
AUTHOR : Matth
DATE : 25.05.2016
GAME : Quake 3/Tremulous

General license:
Everyone is allowed to play this map on their pc or host it on their server/ provide a download link

Important notes:

  • This is an early version so its probly filled with bugs.
  • You can like it or not but please respect artistic freedom.

-initial release
-file size reduced to 29.37Mb
-entity changes
-texture/shader fixes


Wow nice work, ill check it out in a bit.

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Very interesting. I have balance concerns for the outdoor area hosting the human default.

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I’m impressed with all of your mapping endeavors. If only I had a better computer to run these updates and new installments smoothly.

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I tried out the map on devmap and this happened:

I tried joining humans and just kept giving me a signall 11 error.

I don’t know if the map is on the servers yet, but so far it seems interesting.


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@burrito unfortunately the only way around this (with all older clients) is to prevent the particle systems from any maps you don’t play on frequently from being loaded, by moving them out of your base folder.

AMG I was waiting for you to post original content sweet

Moar OC maps less remakes

Otherwise smexy, also I’m assuming you’re using ATCS textures temporarily right?

Very awesome map :smiley: !!!

Nova Version 1.0 has been added to the test7341 server.

@Matth , could you reduce the file size of the pk3 to under 32 MB? There is a bug on the servers where you can’t really download pk3 files that are larger than 32 MB directly from the game servers, which means that the 1.1 stock client from would not be able to download the map since that client doesn’t support website downloads.

Something else I would like to point out. Currently the 1.1 vanilla game play on GrangerPub (and on GrangerClub) doesn’t allow the repeater to be used at stage 1 (that is unlocked at stage 2), which means this map would effectively be unplayable on those game plays from the looks of it.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you should change the way you have the repeater used in this map (I think it is pretty cool), as we might have the repeater available from the first stage in the Vanilla Game Mode of Tremulous 1.3 (which is the port of 1.1 vanilla game play, and which GrangerPub will be upgraded to at some point). The Swirl Game Mode of Tremulous 1.3 definitely has the repeater available at stage 1.

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ehh id expet gpp tto be he one with problems

Ckit: Thank you. The outdoor area is a nobuild area. Humans are forced to build inside the colony.
burrito: I never had such a problem. Mabye cleanup ur temp_base dir like romdos suggested.
dGr8LookinSparky: i released an updated version that has 29 mb of size. I hope that version works.


Nova Version 1.0b is now available to play on the test7341 server![quote=“Matth, post:10, topic:1776”]
dGr8LookinSparky: i released an updated version that has 29 mb of size. I hope that version works.

It looks like it the server download works well, than you @Matth :slight_smile: .

I found a couple of missing textures:

looks like someone missed a few textures

you fucked up math

how does it feel knowing you spent all this work on a official release yet you missed this

do you wake up at night sweating knowing that you fucked up

tell me math



Looks amazing I should try it out sometime :slight_smile:

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Not to ruin your sarcasm @Hendrich , but the map is still being developed :wink:

Version 1.1 released.
I changed the blast door settings. In this version u have to build a RC near the triggerplate and build a turret on it instead of repeater.

Do you plan on porting (or letting others port) your maps to other games? Tremulous’s population is at an all-time low (despite Sparky’s promises) so your efforts here won’t be as appreciated as they should be.

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kek if anything it hasn’t moved since months

also I like the way that door opens I haven’t seen doors rotating upwards or downwards in many maps

trem population is higher than previous 2 years


Would that be intuitive enough for players new to the map to figure out?

@dGr8LookinSparky. I did this only because of the S1-Repeater problem. I will revert these changes when 1.3 is released. At least now 1.1 players can play it.