(modified) volt's hud!

still a work in progress and a bit rough, I still have a lot that i wish to fix, but for now here’s an early version for you guys to test.


doesn’t include main menu, going to have to completely restructure that, might just adapt one from warriors or oticz for now. also, only one teamscore menu for now, i have to split the others into different files so it doesn’t crash the client.

install using (connect to grangerpub first than do do this)

/exec ui/install.cfg


damnnn someone in here throwin shadddeee smh all dese flagged posts :joy: :joy:

anyways if you have any problems with it post in this thread, i’ll be postin updates in this thread continually.

as an old trem fart i feel deeply offended over this!!! :frowning:
WELL things are good!!! THX for the sub!!!

o ya yes yes yes very nice hud i like the install.cfg very nice font the colors and the swag are also a plus in my books i would download again A+ 10/10