Portal gun should see more use

Currently the portal gun doesn’t see much use outside of warmup: probably because it’s so expensive, people aren’t very accustomed with is use in actual battle, and people usually tend to ignore very expensive upgrades that they don’t fully understand (especially if they don’t also let them use actual weapons). Make it a secondary weapon (see my activatable slot proposal), make it single-use or only have ammo for one pair of portals, and make it less expensive. Portal lifetimes could be shortened if the gun ever becomes a huge problem.


I can agree with this.

In my opinion, having a the portal gun as a secondary weapon or utility can be overpowered, not only can you hit aliens from afar but now you can teleport away from them if they’re big enough to make it through.


Because you’ll get rekt and die in a matter of seconds if your not skilled enough to dance or “shoot and run away” with it.

I’d keep the price the same due to the fact the portal gun from what I have seen is super unbalanced when someone can shoot far away and just have you on a endless loop of following them due to the fact that they just shoot run away shoot run away. (If they have a grip on how to use it)

From what I’ve seen as stated before I don’t think that’s totally true.

If you aren’t at the age to understand what portal means then you shouldn’t be playing tremulos at all. As well as it’s not a upgrade it’s a weapon

As I have stated before this weapon is utterly unbalanced if used properly so secondary is not needed we already have a blaster and a ckit what more would you like to carry on your giant sized human belt, you also have a suit that can get full larm and a helmet. I think we are good

In my personal opinion it should be left the same as it is just tweaked a bit so it isn’t as op and once that tweak comes you can dim the price down a notch. Having ammo for one pair of portals? Does that mean like you can shoot it twice but not have the ability to replace the portals until you get more ammo? If so no and this goes with my reasoning of it being a secondary(technically a 4thary or 4th item that your human can hold off the start) having it as a side is just meh not really fond or big on that idea.


Not everyone has played the game portal (and if they have, not everyone has mastered it), additionally with our current implementation of it, and combined with Tremulous game play, there is a whole new range of tactics and strategies waiting to be discovered, for both using the portal gun, and for counteracting it.

Actually it wasn’t meant to be as expensive as it is now. At the moment its ammo isn’t free, and I recently increased its ammo capacity without adjusting the round unit price. But we are thinking of trying infinite ammo and just using a base price (maybe something like 1200 credits?)

I recently made it so that the portal projectiles can do damage when hitting a player/buildable, I’m not sure if it is too much or too little yet as I haven’t seen it in actual combat much yet.

As a side note about the overpowerness in the portal gun in general, when we first implemented the portal gun, it was extremely overpowered, and then we added all sorts of nerfs (too many actually). But now that some important additional changes have been made since then (like the delayed targeting by buildables if you recently used a portal/teleporter, so that aliens can’t instantly be killed when portalling into the human base, actual aliens could use that to their advantage to deal some damage to the human base), we can start removing various nerfs, and make adjustments from there.


I never said anything about the game portal I was talking about the meaning of a portal gun or portal which if you don’t know your technically 1. Dumb, 2.Under age, 3.live under a rock and we welcome you to modern age, 4.Have never ever been on a computer(or xbox or something that consists of being a gaming system that portal can be played on or watched on via youtube) in your entire life so I highly doubt your going to be playing tremulos anytime soon. 5. Just not smart.(dumb, not to be offensive but truth hurts)

Hence why I said it was “utterly unbalanced”

That I did not know but I don’t think your going to be doing a massive killing spree with a portal gun, or at least i think not.


I believe what @lamefun meant by people not fully understanding the portal gun, was understanding the tactics and strategies of using our implementation of the portal gun in Tremulous combat, not if people understood what portal guns and portals basically do. Even once someone figures out how to open two portals, and enters the portals, people usually quickly get killed in actual combat if they don’t familiarize themselves with the tactics and strategies for it in Tremulous (most of which is generally undiscovered).

In an actual match (warmup is a very different experience still from actual matches), if you had enough money for a weapon you are not familiar with (i.e. regarding tactics/strategies), especially with past initial experience of relatively quickly being killed, chances are you would instead choose to spend that money on a lot of things you already know how to make an impact with, rather than risking losing all, or almost all of your credits on something that you feel you have a poor chance of surviving long enough with and a poor chance of making a meaningful impact with (based on one’s current experience with that weapon).


First off wrong idea because I was talking about…

Hence why I said

Because he said “ignore”

Again why I said

(or being experienced on the use of the portal gun)

How the hell would someone not know or be experienced with shooting two things that you can pass through to get to places (- the unknown tactics)

Ignore as in not pay attention to the portal gun as a viable option, since it is too risky at the expensive price to use without obtained skill, and often one would only get enough credits to use it once per match. The way to obtain the additional skill in using the portal gun is by practicing using the portal gun more, but that would only occcur if it was available more often and not risk a large chunk of your change for a given match, which is the main reason for the recommended price reduction.

Lets keep the portal gun the way it is as a primary, we should even have a tutorial or on our wiki about how and why to use the portal gun.

We remove the too many nerfs. Remember Nerf or Nothin.


Nerf or nothing I agree


A chargeable blaster (supposedly a scaled down Lucifer Cannon) would allow players to charge up ten shots or so. A chargeable blaster could allow a portal gun user to survive long enough to use their portal gun.

Alternatively there could be a movement cost: want to carry a standard rifle with it, slow the movement of the player by half. That would allow the pros to use the portal gun more often, but still possibly retain balance.