Replace the "yes" and "no" counters in the voting prompts with a single counter that only displays the total number of votes

Continuing the discussion from An Overview of Improving Tremulous' voting system:

The decision for voters to decide how to vote can be influenced by the in-progress voting results displayed before the vote is over. To get more reliable input for the voting based on how they would want to vote independent from how they think the “crowd” is voting, the yes/no counters should not be displayed while voting is in progress. The detailed results of how many voted for each possibility should only be shown when the vote is over. In addition being uncertain about the outcome of a vote, might encourage players to vote in situations where they would have otherwise not voted

A counter that only shows the total number of cast votes can be shown while the vote is in progress, and may encourage players even more to vote in general.

I’ve definitely noticed the psychology behind this over the years, especially in polls you do see that players tend to flock to the same answer if their opinion is originally neutral.

Hiding the proportion of votes but displaying the total is an improvement, as long as it’s really clear how many people voted for what when the vote is over.

I think it’s a good idea and I agree with Ckit.

i agree this is a horrible thing players shouldn’t be able to interact by knowing how others are voting gj

The in progress voting prompt on test7341 now no longer displays intermediate yes/no counters. Instead it shows a total votes cast counter, and if the number of active players are factored into the voting results, there is an additional counter that displays the number of active players real time. It will be interesting to see how this works out in action.

I really like this idea.

As kit said, the populate vote tends to sway those inert, if the majority says yes - they say yes, vice versa. If we can implement this but allow L7s+ or even just L9s to see the difference in yes/no votes that would be great.

EDIT: I had initially assumed this pertained to admin application polls but quickly realized that this being in a public section this was alluding to in-game votes.

In that case, my thoughts maintain, though we should try and implement this idea into both areas aforementioned