Update on volt's hud and grangerpub issues

so i’ve been digging around and trying to see what the problem with volt’s hud and grangerpub is, and i’ve found a few things.

this is sort of guessing atm, but it seems the cause of “UI_Alloc: Failure. Out of Memory!” error is that updated ui modules in later ioq3 versions have a bug where too [many item/menuDefs cause the client to crash][1]. volt’s hud is quite bloated and has a shit ton of these, i’m currently in the process of just trimming it down and restructuring/cleaning it up a bit and we’ll see what happens from there.

secondly, i’m still not quite sure what’s causing the “Error: Configstring < MAX_CONFIGSTRINGS” bug, though resetting the ui_menuFiles back to the default trem one seems to fix it (i think). the volt menu files are also pretty poorly hacked together, so i’ll clean those up as well and see if i can get anywhere. i found this thread where W:ET encountered a similar bug:

ET has a bit of a bug that can cause the client to attempt to send
commands to the server before the connection is setup; the net result of
this bug is that the initial data the server sends will be decrypted
properly. The incorrectly decrypted data will still be interpreted, and
will result in messages like ‘configstrings > MAX_CONFIGSTRING’,

so perhaps something in the menu files are executing commands after you connect to a server, i don’t know though, volt’s hud is really bloated with lots of stuff and it’s gonna take some time for me to go through all of it.

also, has anyone had a problem connecting that isnt using volt’s hud?
[1]: http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showthread.php?24988-UI_Alloc-Failure.-Out-of-Memory!

Currently I am running oticz HUD with no issues, although I can no longer edit my HUD settings in the main menu.

I did have problems on several servers in the past, including my own mods, specifically those forked from Fuma’s CoW bot source code.
HUD is messelei’s however there are some configuration “remains” some of which actually prevent me from connecting to some servers using their own customised cg qvm. It includes my Lolards and GPP-1.1 server which is why I actually created a seperate lakitu7 branch on my computer which contains the same features but tremfusion merely resets back to the home menu after disconencting on map load because of a few invalid hud configuration files (which can be “fixed” by installing oticz’s hud, strangely, but installing it prevents me connecting to the servers messelei’s hud allows me to) so the best fix for myself is probably getting a fresh install and merely a problem on my behalf.
I’ve also noticed that getting a server owner who once hosted my lolards/gpp mods to use my lakitu7 cgame qvm files has caused other users with custom huds to crash themselves although it doesn’t crash mine so it doesn’t seem restricted to me personally.

Perhaps those who had problems with Volt’s hud and/or oticz, most likely had installed other huds in the past and didn’t uninstall some previous hud properly or they didn’t/can’t uninstall correctly (e.g. one that requires replacing some other files rather than overriding with a pk3) and the result is some huds are merely buggy with certain cgame qvms.

But really in the end, I don’t know much about this issue and still remains a mystery to me.