About the Tremulous Assets Factory category

Welcome to the Tremulous Assets Factory Category

This category is all about producing new assets for the next version of Tremulous that highlights its new graphics capabilities while still having good performance on older machines. This includes sounds, textures, models, maps, etc. Exceptional assets will be selected to be included with the initial release of the next version of Tremulous.

While the code of the next version of Tremulous is currently being developed privately by GrangerHub’s development team until the initial release, the new assets can still be openly developed now, and the entire community is encouraged to participate.

As contributors release assets in this category, assets that are of the most interest will be tested publicly on the [color=#33CC33]test[/color][color=#00E6E6]7341[/color] server, so you can see these assets in action during the GrangerHub Development games on Saturdays and Thursdays.

This is very important. In order for your work to be considered for inclusion in GrangerHub’s releases of Tremulous, your work must be released with either one of these three licenses: cc-by or cc-by-sa or cc0.

The new client comes with the latest update to ioquake3 that has OpenGL2 as an alternate renderer and includes the following features that we would like new assets to exemplify:

  • Compatible with most vanilla Quake 3 mods.
  • HDR Rendering, and support for HDR lightmaps
  • Tone mapping and auto-exposure.
  • Cascaded shadow maps.
  • Multisample anti-aliasing.
  • Texture upsampling.
  • Advanced materials support.
  • Advanced shading and specular methods.
  • sRGB support.
  • LATC and BPTC texture compression support.
  • Screen-space ambient occlusion.

For more information about OpenGL2 in the latest ioquake3 engine check out its readme file: https://github.com/inolen/ioq3/blob/master/opengl2-readme.txt

The latest publicly released Tremulous code on github does include the latest version of ioquake3, so you can test your assets in-game with with OpenGL2 before GrangerHub releases the new client. You achieve this by compiling the gpp branch of the Tremulous repo found here: https://github.com/darklegion/tremulous/tree/gpp .

If you are familiar with blender and would be interested in making a new Tremulous map, you can use the recently released Quake 3 Map Exporter Plugin for Blender by Xembie: Blender Map Exporter

If you have any questions about asset production or come across any problems during your asset production endeavors, or see something you can help with, don’t hesitate to post in this category.

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I have tons of things (or not so many for now) to contribute (and am not the only one), but you guys seem to be checking the forum way more than the Github repo ^^

Just putting this here to let you know there’s some Pull Requests to merge and to be coming soon :slight_smile:


Thanks for the heads up. I am aware of the pull requests, I need to set aside some time to review them in detail, I’ve been tied up with coding in spare time recently, but I will make the point to give the assets repo attention.